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The Evolution of Portable Music Players


**As far as I can remember,my first encounter with a portable media player waswhen I was small, young and small. I didn't own one, myfolks couldn't afford one,but you wouldhear one somewhere 'singing' to everyone on every other crowded public bus.

To be accurate, it was far from 'singing', it was what I called 'zschzing', cause that was what it exactly sounds like, coming out from a transistor radio -zipping in & out of the frequency,with the DJ, and some bands, then it cut to Mr Darkie Man. As I grew a little older, the 'zschzing' was hardly there, instead were the buttons flipping 'tack tack', as the players were now taking casettes.

Quickly, as time moves on, when headphones take on,anywhere outside your head,****the only sound was dead.It was around the same time, when I finally owned my first prize, my very ownWalkman player,which I learn painting using only ears.

Soon the paintings I did became than life larger, as the bass, treble and eq things, keep getting louder & better.

As I grew taller, and of course much older, I got my second gift when it was about to leave,this times it plays flat round things called CD, which now makes my paintings go shiny.

Years have passed, another new form surpassed, this time it comes in quite tiny, called itself MP3.

Out buried many bulky players, replaced were flat white posers, few thousand musicians on the go, all for the sake of every busy urban joe.

Slowly disconnected from the outside world, as more artists resigned to retreat into dream world, the giants have now invented a new form, which conveniently plants into your phones. Now you can zip from dream to reality,first you hear the DJ, and some bands, then you talk to Mr Insurance Man.

All sound good till you listen for good, somehow the sound was not as good, with earphones ditched,it tuned up loud & rude. The sound is now thin, like in a can of tin, back comes the constant 'zschzing', everywhere annoying, every living thing.

And that's my recollection of The Evolution of Personal Portable Music Players.**

By : MyLifeLounge

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thanks~~i will come back again.. best wishes..
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interesting reflection....
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: )
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