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A short note for fans of The Beatles -

**I've found a rare video of The Beatles first TV performance for the song 'All You NeedIsLove'.

To watch, Come Togetherhere.

Non-Beatles Fans are welcome to FEEL the song too.**

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hey! Girl~ .. AWESOME!!! indeed! a classic clip... LUV! it... left the browser window on, and let it play over and over again... kekees... Many Thanks! for sharing.. Peace!!
over 13 years ago
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Glad you enjoyed it. I was thrilled too!
over 13 years ago
yeah! *jumpin* hees...
over 13 years ago
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Your entry reminds me...in my junior college days,my friend said, "I got a homework!I have to sing one song of Beatles on my English class next time!!". I felt that it is so unusual homework.
over 13 years ago
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Hey jiushi, that's so weird but cool.thanks for sharing!
about 13 years ago


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