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More Funny Thai Commercials

**Many of the Thai Commercials are great fun.

Sharing this trilogy of Thai Commercials - "The Adventures of The Bank Robbers" -**  

1st Attempt

And Again

Still out there

SPOILER Below (For those who still didn't get the joke behind the 1st commercial - The Bank Robbers thought they are robbing a bank, while in actual is a sperm bank)

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Great stuff! Thanks for putting these vids up. Regards Shamus
almost 13 years ago
Woah! Thanks! for sharing.. did had good laughs.. hee. By the way, also Many Thanks! for the kind notes.. sure did shed some light, was totally clueless before. Anyhow, Good! to hear from you and that you are coping good. Take Care! Take it easy! Hope things gets around much much better soon.
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