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Weird Things Happen To Me

I won't bother chronicling all the strange stuff I've found myself embroiled in--often not of my own doing either!--and fast-forward to the latest entry.As you know--unless you've been under a rock for the past week--my family recently took a trip. On that trip we visited not one, not two, but three places with animals. Not so strange, right? Ok, maybe a little...but it starts to getreallystrange when, every time you pull up your camera, you get mooned!Bongo 1...Read more

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I haven't caved YET! Oh wait...yes I did...

Our story left off with the end of our visit to the Cincinnati Zoo and the correct spelling of "Cincinnati" burned into my brain for all time. We asked Ms. Garmin, nicely--you never knew what mood she'd be in--if she'd chart us a course to our next destination. She obliged. Hazzah!  A couple hours later, we got to listen to Ms. Garmin choke on the word "happy," for the first time, as we exited onto Happy Valley Road in Cave City, Kentucky. ...Read more

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Where Was I? Oh Yes, Cincinnati...

Our adventure continued at theCincinnati Zoo!(I'm not loading all the pics--there's 108 of them in case you're wondering. I selected a few of the best ones for your viewing pleasure... )But first...A special thanx to my parents for our Zoological Society membership which got us into yet another attraction on our vacation 1/2 price (yay for 1/2 price!  ) and to the n...Read more

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deer "crossing"

I still haven't had time to sort through all the Cincinnati Zoo pictures, but that doesn't mean the adventure can't continue... Somewhere in Kentucky, we drove through a section of the Smoky Mountains.KENTUCKY FACTOID: The state exists in two time zones with the eastern counties on EST and the western counties on CST. Geez people! PICK ONE!Anyhoo, driving through part of the Smokies when we start seeing deer crossing signs. Like this:Read more

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I remember the night the lights went out at Wal-Mart

So I'm skipping ahead a bit in my family vacation adventures, and I know you're all dying to see our pics of the Cincinnati Zoo, but fear not, I'll get back to it...Day 3 of Operation Family Vacation was spent in Kentucky. After leaving the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio, we pointed south, dutifully following Miss Garmin's directions (out of fear) and made our way to Cave City. We checked in to a modest hotel, had dinner, then returned to our temporary home to regroup. We realized we could use a fe...Read more

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Back Up, Start at the Beginning...with Pictures!

Get a beverage and a snack, this is a looooooooong one...OK, so we've already established my family and i took a mini-vacation less than a week after I returned from Los Angeles. And I think it's already been mentioned that we left last week, Wednesday night, right after boy-child's baseball awards picnic (Note to self: Take pics of boy-child's trophies to show off  ). With a large collection of Google Maps, a road atlas and a Garmin on the window, we...Read more

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The Stuff You Find on YouTube

Back in December, girl-child and her choir sang the national anthem for the local minor league hockey game. There was all this garbage about no cameras and no video. Glad to know someone ignored them  Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNx2pCHFuSk

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VERY Cool...

Stumbled across this today and had to share it:

Too see it bigger... http://ursispaltenstein.ch/blog/images/uploadsimg/famouspeople.jpg

Hopefully, it will open up into it's larger size and you can look at it up close.  Hundreds of famous people--artists, world leaders from every e...Read more

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Boat Party

Boat Party II

by Pierre Auguste Renoir and MissScarlett

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PG Pirates

Before I start, the first thing you need to do is open a second browser window with this link and turn up your speakers...

Do what you want cuz pirates

are free! You are a pirate!

Yar-har fiddle-dee-dee...(this song will be stuck in your head longer than, "It's a Small World" HA!  )

Read more

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