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When Change is Bad

I haven't visited my AnD profile for a while. A friend told me there'd been some changes. I came to check it out....

Wow. This place _ really _ sucks. Whomever came up with these changes, great job royally effing everything up.

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This Too Shall Pass by Helen Steiner Rice

If I can endure for this minute

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This Is What I Did Today...

I never cease to be amazed at how selfish, uncaring and shallow the human animal can be. From small acts of rudeness at the grocery store to brutal acts of violence in the streets, have we become so wrapped up in ourselves that no one else matters anymore?  Then my faith in humanity gets renewed when I get asked to do something like this...If you've been with me since September, you'll remember my friend Kirk who invited me out to California to work at the Life C...Read more

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We Party Like (PG) Pirates

September 19th was International Talk Like a Pirate Day. We held our usual celebration and, instead of babbling on and on at you, I'ma gonna post the pictures now  The official banner that freaks out all the neighbors  Rhett'...Read more

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I Went Out There To Work - part 7

Kirk and Marianne had done a wonderful job making me feel at home. They truly have a gift for hospitality. I felt like a part of their family. It was kinda funny, the morning of the even, Kirk was handing me stuff he'd need that evening and I put it in my bag.   Now the time was here and we were both off to find a place to change for the event. I dug into my bag and handed him his things. He smiled, "Bless you..." He'd totally forgotten about them.Remember the bat...Read more

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I Went Out There To Work - part 6

And so now you know the reason for the title of these blogs. I went out to California to work at the Life Changing Lives event and what ended up happening was much more!The Caregivers Tea was an event within the event organized by Cindy Crawford(!)--who didn't show  . An afternoon of pampering for people who volunteer. Kirk knew I did work with Operation Make A Life Enriched, Saying Thanks and Remembering (OpMALE STAR, a moral support org for deployed military...) and decide...Read more

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Hot Fudge Walnut Cake - recipe with picture!

I made this the other night for a cookout we went to. Turned out really good and was very tasty! Added bonus was it wasn't all that complicated IMPORTANT: If you wanna try this recipe, read through it first. It's easy to screw up otherwise (from someone who knows about screwing up a recipe  ) ...Hot Fudge Walnut Cake

3/4 cups granulated sugar 

1 cup all-purpose flour 

3 TBSP baking cocoa 

Read more
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I caved, and then I had candy

We left Mammoth National Park and Cave City behind and pointed ourselves north toward Indianapolis, Indiana. Just outside Indy, we got a hotel, had some dinner, kids spent time in the pool... same routine as the last couple nights. The next morning, Miss Garmin navigated toward our next stop. I say "toward" becuz she obviously wasn't in a good mood and kept telling us to turn left when the building was on the right   This is where we were going: Read more

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Last Stop

I was ready to go home after the candy factory visit, but the wee people had their hearts set on going to the Potawatomi  ( Native American word that means  "people of the place of fire") Zoo. I couldn't find anywhere how the zoo got it's name--and I didn't see any people running around on fire--so I can only surmise there was once a Potawatomi populat...Read more

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