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Milestones - the right moments

When you get more used to something you sometimes start to lose this excitment. That sounds bad but sometimes that can be a very good thing. At the beginning I somehow tried to hard, I tried to take shots which were not there, at least not for my skills and the camera at that time.

There are guys out there who can take a shity as you can get camera, a situation which couldn't be worse and than walk out with a shot which just has something. I guess I will never be one of them but I am getting better, slowly and somet...Read more

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Milestones - what made me going

The end of the year is always a time of reflections I guess and after the last couple of weeks I take it on myself. Lots of things happend this year and by starting this blog I want to work all that a bit up even when some of the stuff I write about isn't even from this year.

In the last "Milestones" I focused purely on some shots which were kind of hoovering me one step higher. I know it's not a single shot which does that, more the way which leads to that shot but when that shot finally works out yo...Read more

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Milestones - another step

I know, more than 24h already since the last entry but sitting here, working on photos and waiting for uploads and renderings I may as well work up a bit of the past.

The statistics of visits also indicate that not much drop in here, so it's still kind of safe to write now and having not too many droping in. So better now than later.

The first shot I wrote about in this series was the Red Dragonfly. It took me about 2 months or so after buying the DSLR but I wasn't taking that much such back than either.

...Read more
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Magical Light

I guess I am kind of overdoing it at the moment but I somehow feel like to write and explain and well show my thoughts behind some shots.

Flickr is all good about posting shots but usually I just add a couple of words and that's it. I somehow enjoy the possibilaty to talk and write tons of words and go on and on about my photos here. Now we say a picture says more than thousand words, but also sometimes some pictures have stories behind them.

The last weeks I was on the search for the magical light, this mystical warm light ...Read more

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I guess I have a lot of stuff to catch up so I try to do a series of posts where I focus on some of the "milestone shots" throughout the last 1 1/2 years.

This should help me to work on myself but also is a kind of working up the memories and taking a look back on the path I went with my photography through this time. After all, it is good to learn new things, try out and experiment but sometimes it's also good to turn back and have a look and reflect.

I don't want to just throw this pictures in here as they someh...Read more

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To get things going again...

It is finally time I guess. I got invited to this portal long time ago by a good friend, it took me already ages to get something up and now its another couple of months later and still nothing happend.

Anyway, better late than never.

I will use the last two busy weeks to get some momentum going and start this here as my kind of photo blog. Now I am not the usuall blogger, so don't expect too much.

Most of it will be photos and a few words stumbled to it. Hopefully lot's of critics (on both, the ph...Read more

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Let's get it started...

Well here I am, not sure how but it finally happend.

I am just playing around with this at the moment but I like the idea of this platform and I always wanted to write some kind of blog and/or put some of my photos where people can actually see them.

So let's get this started with something about me.

First of all some basics, boring but well at least maybe a good way to start. I was born in Salzburg, the town of Mozart, in Austria and lived there for 30 years. I became an engineer and actually was more ...Read more

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