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Finishing the Game

Just got back from NYC and then San Diego for FINISHING THE GAME.  What an amazing response!  Everybody was so excited (especially in my hometown) and San Diego (I keep thinking about Anchorman when I talk about it).  What a fun time in Southern California!  thank you everybody for being so amazing!  I just drove back from San Diego, again, and now I must sleep - FLETCH is on cable.  It's not FINISHING THE GAME, but what the hey....

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Got into NYC Thursday night at one am

    I'm in New York, and I love it here.  My family lives (for now) right near the IFC theatre on sixth and west forth, so, after a meeting in the morning I went to the theatre to see... whatever.  I saw THE LAST WINTER (really good), and was very happy to see our trailer playing on a constant loop at the theatre...  My parents are trying to set me up with a waitress at their favorite restaurant (a very beautiful one) by sending her to FINISHING THE GAME.  Knowing the movie as I do, I;m not sure it'll work in my...Read more

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Three things I learned at University

1.  Be nice to bears 2.  If a bear approaches you in the street, err on the side of caution and be nice. 3.  If the kin of a bear meets you on the street, refrain from catcalls and phrases like "it's bearishly cold today". 4.  Never feed bears past midnight.

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Cliff Robertson, Robert Redford; two great tastes that taste great together.

Three Days of the Condor - I need a new synonym for "fantastickness".  Also, Max Von Sydow wears a mean mustache.

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John Irving wrote a book called A WIDOW FOR ONE YEAR.  It is very very good.  There was movie version of the first third of the novel called A DOOR IN THE FLOOR.  The movie is wonderful, and contains one of the more haunting final scenes than I have ever seen.  

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Women are Pretty; Nazis, for the most part, were not.

Women are pretty.  I like them very much.  Horray women!  Odalalie!  I just saw these movies and they are all quite good:  The Long Goodbye (very cool shots of Los Angeles in the seventies), The Darkside (political documentary; partisan, but good), X Men: The Last Stand (don't ask - pretty fucking bad), "some documentary about the history of Chinese Martial-Arts Films" (I can't remember the name),  and Nazis, A Warning from history (BBC miniseries).  Nazis are very very bad.  Yesterday I...Read more

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I don't watch horror movies, but for those of you who do...

My top horror movies (most I rarely see, because I am afraid while I watch them) : The Shining, Jacob's Ladder, I Spit on Your Grave (unwatchable, though terrifying), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (never want to see it again), Scream, The Innocents, The Birds, Psycho, The Others, Twin Peaks movie: Fire Walk With Me (scared the crap out of me), The Exorcist, Last House on the Left (not great, though important), Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead (I don't like it, but...), Prom Night...Read more

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Nazis are bad

Nazis are bad.  If you find yourself going "Wow, I might be a Nazi.", please stop.  It is not good to be a Nazi.

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Paula Dean is the best person in the world

If this doesn't make you not want to eat fast food, nothing will: "I used to work at a funeral home, and one night I was down in the morgue, when I was summoned to the crematorium.  When I got there, I saw the embalmer (who)... told me to run downstairs and garb some sheets or hospital gowns.  So as I'm heading downstairs I feel strangely hungry... What happened was this morbidly obese gentlemen was so big that his fat was melting off faster than the machine could burn it up.  Having worked in the funer...Read more

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I love Pinto Beans; Hello again Larry "I'm not gay even though I solicit sex from men in public restrooms and support anti-gay legislation" Craig

Larry Craig may not resign.  Jesus. Pinto beans, eggs and salsa - what's not to like? "At three PM, when your energy is low, Robert Goulet appears, and messes with your stuff."  This is the single finest commercial on television right now.  Bobby Goulet, BRAVO.  "Keep Goulet away, until tomorrow anyway."

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