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I love animals, I'm terrified of spider's, I adore shrimp and pineapples. I'll eat almost any type of seafood other than squid. Okay the real thing. I grew up In Philadelphia. I live in the Northeast part now. I attend highschool regularly. Some of my favorite classes are Music, Physics(when I understand it) and English. I want to apply to Alfred U, which is in New York... or York College, which is in Philly. Um I no longer have a pet sniff and I no longer have Minnie, my fish T^T. I live with my mother and I have two sister's and two brother's on my father's side. I want to Major in Graphic Design or Digital Media Design. vv. I would also like to be involved in sculpting, oil painting, drama, and theatre. I'm known as Icky Butt (courtesy of Ayalibis) and Emmie (courtesy of Tony) Lol. My actual name is Mayim but I prefer the other two. Well...that's me ^^

I'f you want to be friends... actually take the time to get to know me first. It helps a great deal. Trust me.

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