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Wow....I´m blogging again! Didn´t imagine that I would do that! 

But things changed. Actually a lot of changes have been going on. So, I guess it´s time to write down a little.

Last time I was writing my blog, I was still living in Giessen (close to Frankfurt), since then many things changed.

For once, I moved. I went back to my hometown. It was rather unintentionally. My studies were going nowhere, so I decided that I have to do something about it. I felt like I needed a new start...Read more

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Those Days

well ... let me tell you today was a crazy day! it seemed that the whole world was against me. i hate when that happens.

at first i havent had much sleep last night. i guess thats a well-known and common thing among (young) adults. guess what happened! ... of course i didnt hear my alarm clock in the morning. when i woke up it was 11.15 am! i got up got dressed and left in a hurry to make it in time for my class. when i got there nobody was in the room. at that moment i realized that i was 2 hours late! ... i totally missed my class! ... i...Read more

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The Importance Of Prayers!

let me tell you ... the last week has been a crazy ride for me. and once more i realized that it is important to believe in (at least) something!

on monday my semester started again. i´m at university. but during the first week it feels like i´ve been running for supplies shortly before the world will fall apart. everybody is going crazy about getting into specific classes. the lectures are overloaded with people. it´s like hell is breaking lose. i hope this will be over soon! Read more

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you guys remember this? ... i almost cried when it got wrecked at the end of  the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds"! This car is the most awesome thing ive seen in years! ...         

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Blog: Monday, Oct 13

well ... today is monday and i have 45 minutes left until "supernatural" starts. i´ve actually seen the first, second and half of the third season. but in english! so i gotta watch it again in german which is really bad. with the german voices you´ll never get the irony and the jokes they make! ... oh well!

the last couple of days were actually kinda exciting. today i met a friend whom i haven´t seen for the last three years, i guess! ... it was awesome! luckily, we found out that both of us have one or two classes toge...Read more

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Last Weeks´s Review

well ... its been a while since my last blog. but here i am ... back and finally posting something new!

for the last almost 2 weeks i was home, visiting my parents and friends who live about 400 miles away, somewhere near berlin (germany). actually it is pretty nerve-wrecking driving all the way there, since it takes me almost 4 hours. (NOTE: it probably would take longer if i would pay attention to the speed limits! ... lol!) i dont make a big deal out of it. i am good in driving way to fast and getting speeding tickets! the fir...Read more

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Blog: Friday, Sep 12

this is a poem that really impressed me. it somehow resembles me as a person. for me it stands for being real and honest, let people take part in your life who are true to you and whose intentions are not superficial. it inspired me in my way of living and it prevents me of becoming one of those "wrong people".

so ... check it out:

It is not always the absence of love

That makes me seem alone.

Often it´s been too much love

Given t...Read more

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Blog: Friday, Sep 12

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Blog: Friday, Sep 12

well ... i guess it´s time to write my first entry!? i don´t know who will read this but i think that my blog is a nice opportunity (even for myself) to handle things different than i used to!

today was another boring day. Actually, it was even "more boring" than usually. the weather sucked. it was raining the whole day and my mood ended up 3 below 0. i kinda felt like being in england or ireland. (nothing against brits or irish!) have you guys seen "american werewolf&q...Read more

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