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Marsha Wenur

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random things from .m.a.n.a.d.o.

yepp... manado food is all about pork and chili!

the writing on my T's "here is where i fall in love"

i wish! hi, my name is FAITH.. and I'm friggin' ADORABLE :)shutter island??b'day cake a la Tondano town for my girl wullie. yes, it's corn! i got the chance to have a karaoke with a full band!

it was A disaster... but then again who cares :D first time i saw a living sea urchin up close n personal

a boy dragged his dog to the sea to get cleaned up

the dog was scared as hell... LOL my cute n handsome nephew >.< the most beautiful sunset everrrr!!this is the kind of view that you would want to see with ur significant other ;)

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