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random things from .m.a.n.a.d.o.

yepp... manado food is all about pork and chili!

the writing on m...Read more

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my long long vacation to North Sulawesi

I had a month vacation to my parents hometown Manado, located in northern part of Sulawesi island. It was my forth visit and my longest one, last time i went there was about 4 years ago and it was a short stay, so i barely remember the place.

In a month i visited most of the tourist destination there, mostly beaches ^^

My first impression of manado was, it got a hell lot of coconut trees!! Believe me, you'll be amaze! The trees...Read more

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funny jokes about men :D

1 Never let your man’s mind wonder – it’s too little to be out on its own.

2 If you want a committed man, look in a mental hospital.#3 Definition of a man with manners – he gets out of the bath to pee.

4 What did God say after creating Adam? I must be able to do better than that!

5 What do you call a woman who knows where her husband is every night? A widow!

6 Real Men… claim to be feminist but still insist on opening doors, driving, and paying for dinner.

Most Men… claim to be...Read more

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Birthday Meaning

Here is the meaning of being born on each numeric day of the month:Is your birthday day 1 of the month?You are very curious and dedicative. When you are interested in something, everything else has to wait. This is your quality. But if you learn to be more patient and complete what you have started, you will be successful in life. Your Love, You believe in love at first sight. You won't wait to learn more about the person. Vise versa, people who fail to impress you will hardly get a chance to be your friend. Your emotion is on the extrem...Read more

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greenLOLI | VINblue | yellowPOP

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showing off our cute AnD cap heheee~ :D

me & shella : warren.. warren.. LOOK..!! =))

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Top 9 words women often use

i've just read this... check this out..!

Women are often misunderstood by men . That’s why men should know the words used by women to warn them about arguments they can avoid if they remember the terminologies..

Here are the top 9 words women often use to hide their feelings:

**FINE:* This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up . **FIVE MINUTES:* If she is getting dressed, this means ...Read more

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.Dear WzA.

i meant to show the pic, few weeks ago.. but i got busy with work.. gomen ne :D

thnks warren  for the AnD cap...!

its gorgeous.................<3 <3 <3

we all miss u here warren... come again soon... XP

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Are You The Perfect Girlfriend Material??

Ar e Yo u Th e Pe rf ec t Gi rl fr ie nd Ma te ri al ??

Do you know what will be revealed if we ask about what men really want?

Aside from C or D-cups, receiving oral sex and being allowed to watch games in peace - here’s a glimpse into the traits that men want their ‘perfect’ girlfriends to have- as compiled by LadyThrills.com:

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I believe that imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and its better to be absolutely rediculous then absolutely boring. Maybe some woman aren't meant to

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