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Favorite old song

                                                              Hands To Heaven

                 As I watch you move,Across the moonlit room.There's so much tenderness in your Loving.

              Tomorrow I must leave, The dawn knows no reprieve.God give me strength when I am leaving.

               So Raise your Hands to Heaven and Pray,That we'll be back together someday.

               Tonight I need your sweet caress Hold me in the darkness Tonight you calm my restlessness

              Yo...Read more

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Honestly Expressing Yourself

"Honestly Expressing yourself,Not lying to yourself which is very hard to do,And you have to train so when

You want it,Its there. (Bruce Lee )

            Yee Mo Faat,Yao wai faat,Yee mo haan,Yao wai haan.(Using no way as way,Having no limitation

as Limitation)

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Blog: Sunday October 12, 2008

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZXJ9qpukjgIf you who like to see more of what i do click the above youtube link and you can see various clips of me in action Thank you (Doi je ) (Xie xie ni)   Mike Sheng

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I'm back.

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