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Question: Is MV-8800 a decepticon?

Just got my new Transformers New Era, It just goes with the MV 88

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just bought quite a no. of CDs these 2 months

I'm so happy cause I just got some of my best CD like late registration, Paper Trail, LL's Phenomenon, I just love them, haha!!!! But what surprised me was dr dre's 2001, I think you guys can never guess the price I get for's HKD9 only!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I just try that with The beatz HP, It's totally amazin!!!! So glad to have 2001 but HKD9 seems showin us hip hop still not bein' popular & I feel a lil bit sad bout dis...........

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R Les Rocks!!!!

One of my favorite Producer Ryan Leslie makin' the hottest beats for Fab's comin album, it's simply dope so you better check it out!!!!!


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Most powerful sampler? Production station?- MV-8800

I am using MV-8800 all the time now since I got it last week, Apart from only having 16-bit, this machine is way more dope than a mpc5000/4000. Samplin, choppin sequencin, mixin and masterin all in one!!! I would only use my computer to make music when I record vocals. I can't put any blame on it, one word to describe this thing and that is " Dope" haha!!!!

you guys must watch this video for knowing how strong this machine is


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Be one of the hip hop producer!

Recently, I have bought a casio WK 3300 and a UX2 (audio surface). We've record few verse on mmo(s) and we aim to release a Mixtape dis summer, please keep focus on MCS's and my blog. We all need support from you cause hip hop is 4 da people...haha

Next gear I am goin' to get is MV-8800, It is simply dope and powerful!!!!

ps. I am pursading my friend to DJ or play drum machine cause he has great talent in playin all da game about beats, I believe he can play pads well like playing all those DJ game

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Finally finish the HKCEE

Damn! I am so sick of studying all day, it's just borin'..................

After that, I am goin' to compose more beats and rap more on the mic!!!

We make real rap, real Hip Hop!

You guys can wait to listen to my verse, haha!

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Nice Dancer From Denmark

Video: Nice one, you guys gonna check this out!!!

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Check out my new mmo!!!

Press Play

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Hip-hop star KANYE WEST credits the year of his childhood spent living in China with his desire to become a celebrity.

The THROUGH THE WIRE rapper travelled from his native America to China as a pre-teen, and he's certain his brief stint in the Asian nation pushed him to vie for stardom as an adult.

He explains, "My mother's an English professor and they had an exchange program where they would send a student over here and they would send a teacher over there. So I stayed there for a year. I used to know how to speak Chinese and everything.

"But because I was black they weren't used to seeing people of colour so they would come and surround you and that kinda like got me ready to be a superstar. I was a celebrity in fifth grade!

"They'd even come and rub your skin and they'd ask your mother how old she was. I mean, this was back when I was in fifth grade so it's probably changed now."

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Hi Hater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A song for All the HATERS


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