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Luv Aint Luv (Aint coming)

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Dusty Lab

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恭喜恭喜 All Day Everyday

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Nujabes tribute demo

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Question: Is MV-8800 a decepticon?

Just got my new Transformers New Era, It just goes with the MV 88

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just bought quite a no. of CDs these 2 months

I'm so happy cause I just got some of my best CD like late registration, Paper Trail, LL's Phenomenon, I just love them, haha!!!! But what surprised me was dr dre's 2001, I think you guys can never guess the price I get for it...........................................................................................it's HKD9 only!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I just try that with The beatz HP, It's totally amazin!!!! So glad to have 2001 but HKD9 seems showin us hip hop still not bein' popular & ...Read more

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R Les Rocks!!!!

One of my favorite Producer Ryan Leslie makin' the hottest beats for Fab's comin album, it's simply dope so you better check it out!!!!!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxa3PT0VDHI

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Most powerful sampler? Production station?- MV-8800

I am using MV-8800 all the time now since I got it last week, Apart from only having 16-bit, this machine is way more dope than a mpc5000/4000. Samplin, choppin sequencin, mixin and masterin all in one!!! I would only use my computer to make music when I record vocals. I can't put any blame on it, one word to describe this thing and that is " Dope" haha!!!!

you guys must watch this video for knowing how strong this machine is

Video: Read more

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Be one of the hip hop producer!

Recently, I have bought a casio WK 3300 and a UX2 (audio surface). We've record few verse on mmo(s) and we aim to release a Mixtape dis summer, please keep focus on MCS's and my blog. We all need support from you cause hip hop is 4 da people...haha

Next gear I am goin' to get is MV-8800, It is simply dope and powerful!!!!

ps. I am pursading my friend to DJ or play drum machine cause he has great talent in playin all da game about beats, I believe he can play pads well like playing all those DJ game<...Read more

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