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Life's a Maze

Do all of us face this issue once in our lifetime or worse, most of the time?

We walk in circles in a very tight and complicated maze only to come to a dead end and we have to take steps back and try a new route hoping to find the light at the end of the tunnel?

How many of us at this point in time will have an outstretched hand open towards us coming forward to help us and for us to lean and and be a shoulder to cry on during that point in time of frustration, confusion, anxiety? Can we simply think of just one person that comes to mind at a split of a second or we'll need to sit down and think and recall who we can call or who knows we're feeling desperately down at the moment?

Life has made us so complicated so busy, have we of late stopped to give ourselves time?

Granny passed away. I never had a chance to sit down and talked to her about life. How she lived through WWII, how hard life was when she was young. She cooked wonderful food, I'm glad I had the chance to watch her cook at times during my growing up years. But I never asked her how she faced life. How she felt having so many children, grandchildren and great-grandkids. Grandpa left her almost 3decades ago. How she lived through life without him, I'll never know. Because now, I will never have a chance to talk to her, ask her and chat with her. This is one regret I'll have to live with and if heaven proves true, I hope to meet her there in the near future.

My mind's not organised. Just rambling but I really do hope there really IS Love in this lifetime. Someone to rely on, someone dependable, someone who I can really be with until the end of time. A love so deep that when the time comes towards the end, death is just a few seconds apart from each other.... am I making sense?

Piece up what I'm trying to make out here...


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