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  • To always keep my mind open about what I see before I get to the destination.

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  • The beautiful August in Yunnan

    Saturday, Aug 25, 2012 10:22PM / Standard Entry / Members only

    In Shangri-la, I went to visit Pudacuo national park.
    To my surprise, I saw a squirrel in the tree.


      Lugu Lake.So amazing.So beautiful.And this is a Matrilineal society.A generation ago, few outsiders had ever heard of lake lugu or the mosuo .Getting to lake lugu isn 't easy.And the isolation from the outside world helped the tribe keep their customs and culture intact.

      Lugu lake has been enlisted as aprestigiousscenic spot of state level with the local tradition and folkore of the mosuo people and the charming landscapes , as well as aprovincial tourism and a natural reserve. 

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