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  • To always keep my mind open about what I see before I get to the destination.

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  • Please give me some courage

    Saturday, Aug 25, 2012 1:19AM / Standard Entry / Members only
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    I never take the initiative to send some information for the male friends. I feel so nervous after I sent some information that it is of no great importance . For example, Hi , Do you online? Hi ,Have you gone to bed? and so on . Maybe he read it simply.  Maybe he didn't  feel happy that like my happy when I  received his message . I am a coward .But I must to be a wise decision that I shouldn't send a message for him. Because I am not a active  person. I look forward to the day that you take the initiative to find me.Don't forget.

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  • meiwechner
    posted on Saturday, Aug 25, 2012 7:50PM [Report]
    如果我有, 我一定借點給你!!  哈哈哈!!!!!
    開開玩笑, 就沒那麼沉重了!!!!  是吧?

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