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博客: 5月8日

  真的好累,却意识到自己没有依靠……   中午大舅妈给我打了两个多小时电话,吃完午饭已是两点过了,晚上又跟大舅舅聊了会儿,其实我也只能和舅舅聊几句,毕竟我是晚辈,不好说什么。刚才,妈妈打电话来,又叫我说说我爸爸,希望他明白做生意的为人处世。我今天,就一直在围绕着家庭纠纷……当我跟我妈说,我好累的时候,我妈竟然什么都没问,把她想说的话说完就迅速挂断了,她挂的时候,我还在说话……那一刻,真的眼泪没止住……突然发现,是不是我太坚强了,太独立了,好像所有人都可以在我这里得到安慰,而我,是super man,不会有软弱的一面……  马上大学毕业了,工作的迷茫,爱情的迷茫,我会一个人去面对。一个人坚持,不管未来怎么样,都要坚持。

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2012.11.28 Daniel in Chongqing

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Blog: Monday, Sep 3

Give people a chance to get to know you,and take time getting to know them,Love doesn't rush.

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The beautiful August in Yunnan

In Shangri-la, I went to visit Pudacuo national park.To my surprise, I saw a squirrel in the tree.Read more

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Please give me some courage

Inever take the initiative tosend someinformation for the male friends.I feel so nervous after I

sentsome information that it is ofno great importance . For example,Hi , Do you online? Hi ,Have you gone to bed? and so on . Maybe he read it simply.  Maybe he didn't  feel happy that like my happy when I  received  his message . I am a coward .But I must to be a wise decision that I shouldn't send a message for him. Because I am not a active  person. I look forward to the day that you take the initiative to find me.Do...Read more

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in Chengdu

极地海洋公园 我有点HIGH~

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是否相信,有这么一种情牵引着你,去寻找轮回的前世今生。 **

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Thank you

Thanks for dropping by!


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Fighting !

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It's sunny day.It doesn't matter if it's raining.

I stand here to look at the scenery.

So nearly so far.

The cup of water is still very warm.

I'm fine and I don't care.

The little rain let air become more pure and fresh.

I know,it's sunny day.It doesn't matter if it's raining.

Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass.Life is a great big canvas, and we should throw all the paint on it we can.

I believe I'll become more outstanding.

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To always keep my mind open about what I see before I get to the destination.


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April 14, 2011