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用你的手 解我的锁 跌入这温柔漩涡 千丈风波 万般蹉跎 情意都不曾变过 #花千骨#

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正为此而疯 白子画 !异朽君!? #花千骨 #白子画##东方#

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Thursday blues.

Not looking forward to the day she goes to Korea. 10 days l wont get to see her and l know l will miss her terribly. My calming pill, my reason to smile, my one and only person l care for so much.
the past few weeks has been great, albeit not perfect. We had ups and downs, l pissed her off, irritated her and done stupid things that made her worried. I know it's all my fault, l suck when it comes to things like that. I'm not used to pacifying people, but she's the only one l will ever want to cheer up. She has the most beautifu...Read more

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Screwing up again

I'm sorry. For the million things that l have done or said to hurt you. No doubt some were done on purpose, but you just dont understand me.. When l'm upset, you cant seem to sense it, when l'm moody you're nowhere to be seen. When l ask you a question, you just dont answer me. I guess the patients are still the most important to you. It's the feeling of negligence that hurts, when l'm bored l have to entertain myself, or pathetically go looking for your company. I dont want that. I cannot be pleasing you all the tim...Read more

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天黑之後才擁有光彩 才能看見微弱的存在 我就好像星星在距你千里之外 白雲總是對藍天依賴 我的愛也因你而存在

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The First: Camp.

Saturday/Sunday.  Camping was something l was used to doing alone, walking the beaches l was so familiar with, enjoying the nightingale breeze, having time to brood and think about life. This time, she insisted on coming along, we both were down with a minor flu bug, but as much as l refused, she was too persistent. In exchange for my omelettes, she personally cooked french toast for the first time and even though it wasnt the most delicious toast ever, it was definitely the most sincere, the most satisfying toast ever. truly it just feels d...Read more

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Rainfall over Sunshine

These past 2 weeks. I've curbed my temper, she's warming up, l'm learning to accept bitches gossiping about me, she's starting to understand and read my body language. But she's slow cos from the first month onwards l figured out hers. But above all, l'm glad she's slowly opening up.  Today l was supposed to have badminton with a few others; l wasnt excited about it at all cos it's stressful being there, everyone there's super big shot and l'm just not someone who will get involved with politics....Read more

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Just this once.

Impromtu dinner with good company and the food was delicious plus l had supper after that and l was so full l couldnt get up oh gosh. Hate that feeling hm my stomach's getting lazier these days! when she suggested korean food once a month l should said once a week, but then l wouldnt be doing justice to myself. Urgh all those fats damn. No one in ever has seen a face fatter than mine it's rounder than the freaking moon. No it is the moon.  Walked from dinner to get supper, and from supper to my bus stop home. l dont talk much when l&#...Read more

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"By His wounds we are healed."

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The kingdom of God belongs to the humble.

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