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"Everyone of this world may not be my friend.But there is none who is my enemy"

I am a Chef by profession.I am a kind of person who like to make friends and like to share my thoughts and feelings with them.I like to laugh a lot and like to keep smiling always no matter how much pain I have in my heart.At the same time I try to make everyone laugh and love to see everyone is smiling.No one is so perfect in this world so am I.But I always try to learn something good from everyone and appreciate others for their good things.I am very straight forward person and I like people to do the same with me.I hate back biting and appreciate if someone point out my mistakes and help me to rectify that.A true friend is one who appreciate your good things and point out your bad things to rectify it. I am a sports loving person even though these days I hardly get chance to do the practices or take part in tournaments.I do little bit of work out in the gym just to keep myself fit and in a shape.I like all kind of musics and love to dance.Well...there are lot more about me...but you can get to know me when we will talk:)

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"Everyone of this world may not be my friend.But there is none who is my enemy"

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