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I went to Tongli last weekend. It is a water town nearby Suzhou in Jiangsu province.

Some local attractions include gardens, canals and the infamous sex museum. At the sex museum I encountered a gaggle of college age Chinese men acting like virgins. ...Read more

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May day, May day

I went to Shaoxing in Zhejiang over the May holiday. It's like a mix between Suzhou and Hangzhou.

Lot's of water and even more yellow wine. The yellow wine here is pretty cheap too. It's like bai jiu (something like Chinese vodk...Read more

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I'm working in Shanghai now, and spent Tomb Sweeping Festival enjoying the sunshine and beaches in Hainan. It was my second time there, so I've already visited all the tourist destinations. This time I just laid on the beach and tried to get a tan. I needed to get away from all the rain in Shanghai. At least now the weather is finally getting nice!

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Hong Kong

I'm heading to Hong Kong next month. It'll be a business trip, but hopefully I'll get some time to visit the city. :-)

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Chinese Money | 中国的人民币

This is an article I found, and thought it was really interesting so I'm sharing it. I've been to most these places, but there are still a two I haven't been to: 5 and 50. One Yuan—West Lake, Zhejiang 1) One Yuan—West Lake, Zhejiang  

Don't let the low denomination fool you. Just because the one Yuan note isn't worth much, scenic West Lake pulls in thousands of tourists each year...Read more

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Almost there!

So I have about six weeks left of college life. I feel like its taken forever! Just have to finish my 30 page thesis and I'm home free! I'm looking into some careers in Asia right now, and I hope some of them turn into something. We'll see! 

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Life is Pretty Boring

I don't post on here much because my life is pretty boring lately. I'm sure nobody wants to hear about my all-nighters doing last minute essays or studying for midterms, so I've saved everyone the trouble of reading about that.

A couple new things, I got a sweet new ride. Bought a 2009 Suzuki GSX-R 600 for my first motorcycle, and it is SOOO fun to ride! I don't even walk to the store 5 minutes away anymore, I just use it as an excuse to hop on this bad boy and wheel around town for 2 hours before stopping in the...Read more

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Legend of the Black Scorpion

I got an advertisement on the side of my facebook profile saying, "If you liked 'House of Flying Daggers' you'll love Legend of the Black Scorpion with Zhang Ziyi and Ge You" so I'm thinking, "Oh shit! A new kung-fu movie I haven't heard of!" It said starring Zhang Ziyi and Ge You, so I'm...Read more

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Depp 'stache

I'm trying out a new look. Let me know what you think!

I was kinda going for a more Johnny Depp look, hope it isn't closer to perverted stalker.

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Rock Climbing and stuff

So, its been quite a while since my last blog. I'm terrible at this blogging thing. I left China a couple months ago, and am back in the US in New England. There isn't much to do here right now. The season is at the point where its too rainy to snowboard, and still too cold to do anything else. Every so often there is nice weath...Read more

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