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Helping a friend

As most of those who read my entries (yes, I know there aren't many lately) should know that I have a dance show around this time of the year.

This year it'll be on May 1st & 2nd as well as on May 16th but today I don't want to talk about this.

I would like to introduce some work done by a friend of mine during her free time.

Please, do not hesitate to comment on this entry or to bring other people to this entry. I will forward all feedback to her.

First here are a few of her photography work....Read more

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Juste Debout 2010

2 weeks ago, on March 7th, The Juste Debout 2010  International dance battle took place in Paris.

Like last year, I took a train to Paris early morning and came back to Brussels on the next Day.

This year, I didn't met with many other people from Belgium (except for my house teacher and former hip hop teacher) ADN who was entering the competition (after qualifying in Italy).

On the other hand, I watched the whole show with AnD's official artist ...Read more

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Awesome week!

Wow, I didn't realize that I haven't blogged since October.

Anyway, last week was awesome.

First He Jing De came to Belgium for a 9 days seminar. As I had to work, I could only follow about 3 days of class but still I really enjoyed. Of course, it confirmed what I already knew my stances sucks and I have lost a lot of my flexibility. Those were far from great in the first place but at least they were OK. Anyway, that only means that I'll have to focu...Read more

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going back to my childhood

Discussion about Japanese anime/manga and manga arose quite a few time during the last 2 weeks and as a friend just posted a video that brought me back to my childhood on facebook I though I would do this entry. (as most of my stay is anyway related to dance it's not that interesting to blog about and I will probably just make one or 2 entries about the trip later)

So let's go through a few French themes for some well known anime (at least in France, as some like Saint Seiya seems kinda unknow to youngest Japanese)....Read more

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Tokyo - Day 2

Not much to say about today.

I went to Noa dance academy today too but the studio in Meguro-ku (not the one in Ikebukuro like yesterday).

Original plan was to go to Tatsuo's advanced class and then Hiro's beginner class.

Looking at the schedule I though it would be good to do one more class earlier (which I'm planning from next week anyway) so that I would start with a beginner class. But I was too late so I just walk around in Shibuya and then Meguro.

Tatsuo's class was a killer. It's been mo...Read more

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Japan trip 2009 (I)

So I left Belgium on last Monday September 29th.

First alert was actually on Friday as there was a Strike at he airport on Friday evening. Hopefully they didn't do it on Monday.

Second issue was that my plane to London had no electricity and the engineer that solved the issue had no right to sign the briefing sheet. Hopefully they sorted that in about 30 minutes so no big deals.

Flight from London to Tokyo went fine on the other hand.

As usual, I arrived around 6 pm at my hotel and just went for a bite ...Read more

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嘘~!!! You're kidding right?

I have contacted an agency to rent an apartment in Tokyo this October. This is the same agency as last year because it went pretty smoothly. I had already contacted them 2 months ago (saying that it was for holidays) and they said that it was too early. I again asked some question 2 weeks ago saying that I was not in Japan.

Then now they tell me that this time they need a certificate of residency. What?

Why didn't they said that earlier?

Now I've contacted the employee I had contact with last ye...Read more

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Some updates

Wow. Already 2 weeks since my last blog. Time sure flies.

I finally should be able to rent my apartment in Tokyo now.

Starting from tomorrow I'll be doing dance class almost everyday. No class on Monday (because I still need some free time and there's no class that I definitely want to take) and on Saturday because of my wushu class. The purpose is, of course, to be as ready as possible for my Japan trip.

Before ending this short blog, let me put 2 videos from some eve...Read more

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IAM's concert

Since Last Friday started the so-called Brussels Summer Festival. This will be 10 days of concerts in the center of Brussels.

Yesterday, evening was IAM's concert.

Most of you probably never heard of them, but it is one of the most well-known rap crew from France (with NTM) and for me the best ever in the history of French hip hop (OK, given the level of French hip hop, especially now it's not that difficult). The group comes from Marseilles. 

Their CD "L'école du Micro d'Argent" (the Schoo...Read more

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help needed!

Nothing important guys, just that I have that song stuck in my head and I can't find neither the title nor the singer/group.

It's the second (and last song) of this clip (Nice waacking by  both Rm Sisters)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrWkKlttYn0&feature=related Thanks in advancd!

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