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Music blog (Eurovison and hungarian music)

For them, who doesn't know what is Eurovision song contest:

Every year around May is a contest among european singers.In every european country, that want to go for the contest, they choose a song, that can represent the country....in some country there is a contest for it, in some they just anounce one artist.

There are 2 semifinals, and the 3 singers, who get the most votes go for the finals.

There are singers from England,Germany and i don't know from, who goes to final, before app...Read more

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I am so sorry....

Not to blog around this year.....

To summarize what happend to me:

  • studying on exams, i will have on 8, 10, 22 June

  • i am working right now on my diplome...my theme is a family tree making software in C# programming language....on 80% :)

 time is agianst me, i have to give in every papers Jun 15

  • i appied for a chinese study abroad program....i hope i will get it, but it is a great contest among people around  here: Confucius Scholarship Program....many people apply ...Read more

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Sorry for  the late entry. I was busy this months a lot, i will update my blogs from the recent events that happend to me, and i will upload next week new photos too...

In short about the last months:

Juni: exams, lot of

July: i was working like hell, at a fast food restaurant - Subway.The work was not too hard, but i have to work 8-10 hours a day, and i had a day, when i worked at night.But the payment was far to low, (and the boss told me, when i took the job, that i will get more money..i got in the end, about the half of ...Read more

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Short, quick entry....

Hello, sorry for not blogging so much recently, i was really busy.

My test seasons yet bagan, next week i will have 4 exams.

I searching for a summer job right now, but ofcourse nothing good found  yet.

I think i will work at Media Mark as "not people work assistant"

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Crescent roll in milk - requested by jasmineT :D

The easiest food to make!!!

Ingredients:8 piece crunchy roll

1 liter milk

2 pack vanillin sugar

15dkg cracked poppy/nut

15dk sugar

Extra(not needed):dried grape, as much as you want

How to make:Cut up the crunchy rolls, in around 2-3 cm width piecies.

Boil the milk with the vanillin sugar.

Put out a p...Read more

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Holiday in Dublin

I was last week (from 26.Febuary - 1.March) at Dublin for a little vacation.The week before i was in Austria, but i still not have the photos in my hand, so about that tour will be later a blog entry :D

We took a lot of pictures, i will make a new photo album for them :D

It was my first flight with the plane!!! I love to fly with the plane.It is fun :D

So Dublin.Dublin is the main city of Ireland, so i expected a big big city.But it is not the fall.

People at Dublin are really really friendly and helpful.When...Read more

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KAT-TUN parody video....

I am part of an hungarian online Asia music+entertainment fan community.We are not much people, around 20-30 people, living all around the country.We share our favorite artists...movies,

(YouTube) just promoting them, making asian stuff here, on the other side of the world popular.This is a close community, almost all people know each other..have meeting after a while.So why am i telling this?Because when people get to know artists, they make videos for them...just for promoting..either way..even bad commercial is a commercia...Read more

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I turned 23...

Yesterday(january 15:D) i turned 23.

What changed...nothing...absolutly nothing....since last year...

i still not graduated from university....i am still the girl that i always been...

Tomorrow i will have an exam, so i can not have a party :(, i had to study even on my birthday....

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Christmas tradition

In every family there are unique traditions, so i tell you mine.

On Christmas day our kitchen is so lively.My mother hates to cook, but this day, she gives into the food all her heart.I do the shopping, helps my grandma to do little chores around the house.

For lunch we have some traditional hungarian food.It is crescent roll in milk and nut or poppy on it)It is sweet :D

crescent roll...Read more

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Meaning of Christmas dying out.....

Christmas originally is a feast for love, and caring for each other (beside religiouse meaning)

Nowadays, in the beginning of dezember everywhere bagan to playing christmas songs, as warning "don't forget to buy something for Christmas".At the shop you can find a lot of presents package for Christmas, but they are the most unuseful things....

Christmas is not about, that i will buy everybody a hell lot of money worth something present.

It is about caring.If you care for somebody, you k...Read more

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