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New airbag system

Debates over the advantages and risks of airbags aren't new.

The new airbag design options might just put an end to the controversy. Or might not.


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Hunting for places to eat...

Third day in Manhattan and so far we have tried 5 different restaurants. I got to say the Peking Duck we tried last night was the best I ever had, but I am worried the waiter got exasperated with us... we ate so much and took all the time in the world to enjoy our meal.

Okay.. we are total tourists. Please New Yorkers, don't hate. We love your city... actually I am thinking of moving to New York. But until then I have to wonder around and try my luck, unless someone has a suggestion.

Update: Bummer, the 10 days trip got shortened to a 7days trip. JJ, you suck; getting a girlfriend doesn't mean you can't have girl friends. Well good luck anyway.

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One step closer to be a housewife... well maybe not.

My brother has been on a diet for the past month or so.. maybe I should do the same but my love for food takes over me. As I said he is on diet and refuse absolutely to eat out. Results: I need to cook... everyday.

For those who knows me, I am nothing close to the ideal housewife whatsoever. My cooking skills are decent but very limited. I was blown away by 'Ratatouille' I love the movie... It just made me realize cooking is a lot of work. Of course it is something I enjoy, especially if I am cooking for a special occasion or have friends over. But cooking everyday is a battle for me. Coming up with the menu is already an ordeal. I have no idea what to make or what might be in the fridge.

No need to add that my lovely brother cannot eat the same thing twice in a row (I still love you... but when are you getting married? )

Please tell me I am not alone feeling that way. Don't you feel the same way?

Okay... moving past the melodramatic  episode. I somehow landed on this page.. my savior. Type in what you have, or want, or hate... and VOILA !!

Well .. time for me to make something tasty.

Note:... yes, the brother knows how to cook, but he only cooks for his girlfriend

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One small step toward my tech center...

  Just received the DVD player I ordered last week... Why am I so excited?

It will allow me to play DVD's from all over the world (no more worries about region code) and I can plug in my external HD. Yes, finally I will be able to play any movie or anime I have without the dilemma of burning a DVD.

New acquisition Philips DVP 5982

Region Code Key Hold the Stop key on the remote to Open the DVD tray

press Setup

select Preference

Press 1, 3, 8, 9, 3, 1

Press up/down key to select "0Price? $70Rather decent pricing. And it is available at most Best Buys or Circuit City. Got mine on Amazon.

Way better than those region free players we can buy online running around $130. Next Acquisition... The Command Center Display(Zenview Six Panel Display)

Price? Starting from $2'500 Yes, very pricy ... Hopefully when I will be ready to afford this system the price would have gone done.Do I need all this? no, of course not. But it is like an addiction. For some, it would be shoes... (yes shoes, you girls know what I am talking about... actually guys are getting into that too). For others, it would be purses... Or even cars (if you got the cash).

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Heroes on a World Tour

Even though I have not got the time to follow the whole season, I am still a fan of Heroes.

Our Heroes are set to see the world they labored so long to save.

In addition to gracing the respective cities with their heroic presence, the cast will be making personal appearances, engaging in meet-and-greets with fans and making TV appearances. The tour includes New York, Toronto, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and other cities.

That's exciting... too bad they don't stop by where I live.

My Favorite Hero ?? Hiro Nakamura

Source:  Eonline

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MADtv - Korean drama parody

Don't give me wrong.. I love K-dramas. Hope you will enjoy this

Featuring Bobby Lee and Sung Kang

Part One

Part Two

Part three (final part)

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Celebrity look-alike [part 2] is back on... 

Tested it with one of Terence's pictures (sorry Etchy is the one to blame) This time, he doesn't look like Regis... but Leslie Cheung. Not too far, isn't it ?

PS: the red hair ... awesomely badass.

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France ... A Paradise for Moviegoers

I love to go watch a movie at the theater... but with the price of movie tickets you now have to choose which movie you do want to see.

If the cost was not so high I would go couple times a week to check out new releases.

I really enjoy my time watching movies and would like to repay it in supporting the industry.

Nowadays the average movie tickets  run around $10-15 in California, New York,, and Taipei. Here is the deal in France, and it has been running from couple years now. UGC A huge chain in France which offers a monthly subscrīption that allows you to watch any featured movie you want until you drop.

The cost ?? 18€ / month.

You receive update on upcoming movies and premieres. you can also preorder tickets online, or through your WAP.

The subscrīption let you go to any UGC theater in the country, and some other partner theaters.

Gotta love living in France...

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Who do you look like ?

Ever heard relatives arguing about whom you look like the most ?

Do you look like your fierce looking father .. or your beautiful mother ?

... I am sure most of you have run into

In addition to their Celebrity-lookalike... you will soon to be able to see which parents you look like the most.

I have to admit I do see a resemblance... Hahaha.

Got to say I had a lot of fun on this website.  Well, there are also more serious applications, such as family trees.

Enjoy... and let me know who you look like. (`ー´)

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The Village Idiot

Weekends in LA can be very tiring.So if you want to start the night on a relaxing pace, here is a place to start. The Village Idiot on Melrose Ave.You can also get valet service, which is rather convenient. The place has a good atmosphere (and maybe a bit loud), and the food is surprisingly good. I recommend the mussels, the lamb shank, the pub burger and the sausage.

One thing to know: on some daysyou might have to wait about 40 min before getting your table.

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