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Summer 2013 - Travel, Work and MORE Filming

Hello All You Happy Readers!!!What a busy and crazy half of the year it has been so far - been by so fast its already August! Where has the time gone? The past 8 months have been pretty hectic with tons of travelling opportunities thanks to my work at Google. That's right - I work part time for Google now! One of the best places to work - from their daily amazing food to the brilliant new friends/colleagues I've made already and the AMAZING perks to this job.All the travel opportunities have been both tiring and exciting! I have already been to the following so far:San Francisco (Twice), Tokyo (Twice), Spain (Once) and All around the UK (Mainly Oxford/Manchester) but still good!!!Lots more travel opportunities to come - hint (Will be heading to France soon for my summer break) CAN'T WAIT - really need this break. Although I did just come back from a little break with some friends from Rome (^-^) But need more!!!You can now follow and like my work/travel pictures on my Official Instagram Page.INSTAGRAM: Apart from my part time work, my "acting" career has been pretty stable - with LOTS of Commercial work to Short Films. Hopefully some feature film/television or even stage work will come my way - would love to do something constant and to sink my teeth into.I have been lucky with a couple of projects that I'm pretty proud of and looking forward to seeing soon on the big screen. One is an amazing feature film "All That Remain", please follow the official blog/site to keep up to date with all the progress for the film.WEBSITE: Another is a short film where I got to work with a pretty awesome director who has won 2 EMMY's!!!Got to practice my Cantonese in two short films - one will be screening in September 2013 so WATCH THIS SPACE!!! I'm now going to cram as much video links for you guys so you can view all the work I have done so far (From music videos to commercials to short films - please note also that the short films are in Cantonese so if you can understand it feel free to view if not feel free to view and try to work out what's going on as their is no subtitles just yet) Here we go:MUSIC VIDEO - VIDEO - FILM - SHORT FILM - - VIDEO - Boom and done - though there could be more out there but you can view all of my videos/clips here on my Official Youtube & Vimeo pages.OFFICIAL YOUTUBE - VIMEO - And the rest:UPDATED OFFICIAL WEBSITE - IMDB PAGE - TWITTER PAGE -!/lwong3000OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE -, hope you have been well informed with all my activities these past few months - time for me to get ready for tomorrows shoot and get packing again for my next trip! Until next time! Add Oil!Love, love, love,L Wong x

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Welcome 2013 - Snow, Holiday and Modelling

Happy 2013 to my fellow readers,Currently sitting in a coffee shop trying to update all my related sites/blogs and writing up what's been happening for the past few months. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, New Years, Chinese New Year, Birthdays, Special Occasions etc LOL.Just arrived back home last weekend and already so much has happened!!!So lets begin with my adventures shall we...Finally got my hands on a copy of the Cooking/Travel Show we filmed back in the cold months of 2012. Getting ready to shoot during the summer, so if you happen to be in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and other parts of East Asia - we might be bumping into you on the streets/restaurants/food markets/food stalls so get your camera face ready, we might be interviewing you for your opinions/recommendations/talent for the show!!!Next up, with lots of indie feature films filming during the months of Nov/Dec in good old London town - had the pleaser to work on a few from " The White Room" to " Down Dog" coming out for 2013 release so keep your eyes on that.It had been so cold in the UK that I decided with a couple of friends to head for a slightly warmer climate to bring in the New Year after a pretty fun and exciting 2012. We all really needed this amazing break away.So here is a quick Holiday update - For Chirstmas/New Years, we heading to Japan. Then headed back to the UK for about 3 weeks before heading out to Hong Kong, China and Macau for Chinese New Year and all of the month of February was pretty much a Chinese Month for us. We explored, We Ate, We had fun, We took pictures, We laughed, We Cried, We had the best holiday in months LOL. Now back to London and straight into work again. We will be coming back to Asia soon!!! Watch out you guys!!!Oh, and if you want, you can now add me or just view our pics on our visits/adventures/food at my Official Instagram at LWong3000 (The same name for all my social networking goodies Twitter, Facebook, This Blog LOL) Keep up to date with my almost daily pics uploaded and if you want add me on Facebook. job back was a Modelling gig for a range of new Solar Powered products for Gennex Elite which I had a blast posing for haha, did such a good job that I have been asked back for more shoots with them and have been chosen as their Spokeperson/Official Model for their Solar Mini Products - Woop Woop. Pictures to come soon - will defo post them up.Second job, which I am going to continue to film tonight, after this blog entry that is, is a new Short Film "The Transformation" which I can say is something similar to the lines of typical teenage fantasy/horror/romance stuff (Warm Bodies,Twilight etc) The film will be entered into this years many Short Film Festivals so watch out!!!Video Update - Check out the video for CFAB Private Fostering that I shot back in the Autumn of last year. Enjoy!Okay guys, that will be it for this entry but see you next time with more adventures. P.S - I will be heading to San Fransico for 5 days to film something special soon and have myself a mini Holiday trip to see a couple of mates in the states LOL always an excuse. Remember - Head to my Instagram/Facebook to view my adventures.Stay Awesome!Lots of Love,L Wong XxX 

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Autumn 2012 - Busy Times Ahead...

Greetings fellow readers,Apologies for the hiatus in the last couple of months, as you can see from my Autumn Wallpaper below I have been one busy little lady  From now on i will be updating my blog from season to season as I've figured it will be only fair for me and you dedicated readers to know what i've been upto when I do have the chance to upate... So lets begin should we...August - Apart from the obvious events happening in my city of London (Olympics, Paralympics etc) I cast in a number of projects during this month. From being cast as "VO Artist" (Principal) in Golocalise's Promo Video which you can now view here: to finally getting my hands on the Trailer I filmed back in July called "Wellbeloved" were i played the title character of "Tracy". The project is currently being developed for a Feature so catch it/me in 2014 LOL.September - Another great month this year, full of projects, big and small for little old me and my fellow British East Asian artist I find. Got the chance to be apart of Grime Daily's Tv Series "Johnny",  being cast as Vanesssa (Cast) in Episode Two of the show. Had a early call time and met some very talented young actors from North London, so proud. The episode will be available to view online soon I'm told. Another role i was cast in was "Office Worker" (Featured) in "The OverUnder" Music Video shooting at Elstree Studios. Directed by Josh Miller (Little Minx). After a casting and recall, I was cast as "Nkoyo" (Principal) in Children and Families Across Borders (CFAB) Corporate Video. Shoot went really well dispite the weather - it actually made all the scenes look pretty dynamic so no real lost there, just got a little wet is all.During this month and a couple of months before I joined up with a great group called BCTV/LCCA and spent our time organising the Mid Autumn Festival 2012 in our great city. I was the Scriptwriter/Creative Director/Casting Director for the stage play of "The Moon Goddess" have to be proud to say we had to organise everything in 1 month before the live show and we managed to pull off a great event/time. Next up London Chinese New Year 2013, casting call for East Asian Performers can be found here: So if you want to be part of the worlds biggest Chinese New Year celebration and want to show everyone what we East Asian Performers can do - PLEASE APPLY NOW!!! CASTING NEXT MONTH!!! Boy, was September a busy month for me and my fellow BBC's (British Born Chinese) Artists, lots of us went to the Open Casting Call for TVB/Chinese Channel including me and my BCTV team. Auditions was for Presenters/Commercial Actors and Voiceover Actors, so proud again to say we did great in this competition. Half of the final 8 in the presenter catergory was members of my BCTV team (including me) good times LOL, had to film a cheesy X Factor Style Promo, Interview and Q&A for the judges to decide the final 5 to be broadcast on the channel for public votes. Congratulations to all the participants/finalists and winners! Onwards!!! xOctober - Started the month off with filming Music Videos, from being cast in Mastermind Media's project to modelling for CA's "Who I Am" Pomotional Ad Campaign. Filmed on Warp Films Short Film - "Dr Easy" and Universal Picture's "Kick-Ass 2" as "Oriental Clubber". Another trip to Pinewood studios for that project and worked with fellow BEAA (British East Asian Artist) Tom Wu (Batman Begins, Skyfall, Spirit Warriors, Shanghai Knights etc) during the scenes.  Had to put on an incredible amount of "clubbing" makeup and wear a very revealing dress shudder but great fun dancing around and meeting many incredible new people November - Another Music Video shoot to start the month off, was cast as "Obsessive Fan" (Featured) in Humphrey Milles - "Not Enough" Music Video produced by Rokkit TV another great time on set. Jumping and Screaming till I had no voice left at the end of the day. The release of "The Cube" - Short Film/Music Video is now available to watch online! Filmed on British East Asian Feature Film "Lilting" for Microwave/BBC Films and cast as "Presenter" (Co-Lead) in a new Television Cooking Pilot for Discovery Channel Asia and ITN. Really excited for this project - not only will I get to work with my good friend/fellow BEAA (British East Asian Artist) Alan Low, my other "Presenter" (Co-Lead) for this project but I will get to try out some incredible dishes around London Chinatown for FREE!!!  Hoping this does get picked up for filming next year - we will get the chance to improve our presenting chops and travel around Asia trying out their cruisines, learn about the history of the dishes and just an excuse to get another holiday!!! Woop Woop!!!Currently - Prep work for Cooking Pilot (Filming soon), Workshopping Feature Film "All That Remains" (Filming Soon) Waiting to hear back from "Blue Dragon" Commercial (Pencilled/Possible Filming in December) Music Videos shoot next week... Busy, Busy, Busy... Let's get more East Asian faces on our screens!See you all next season! Tah!L Wong XxX 

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Even More Filming

Hi All,Finally get a chance to update and add a new blog entry. Been so busy as there seems to be a rush of filming to get through before the Olympics it seems and its both great and tiring for some, but I can't really complain as I love to keep busy :)First up as you can see I have been so busy during June that there is no blog entry for last month so making up with an extra long entry this time to make up for it. Coming off from my last entry - I auditioned for and was cast as "Megumi" (Principal) in London Film School's Short Film "Faa iheihe" shooting in June 2012. This MA Filmmaking project was displayed at The National Gallery on 13th July 2012. I was supposed to do this but had to drop out at the last minute to film an even bigger project. Before I did I still had the dress rehearsal and workshop but glad my fellow actor friend filled in for me before the camera's started rolling. I still hope to one day work with everyone again on a different project. So bummed I had to let that part go - would have been great to show off my Japanese skills.So the reason I dropped out was because I was going to be filming on Channel 4's New Drama "RUN" with Katie Leung (Harry Potter's Cho Chang). Which was so much fun to do, early wakeup calls, wardrobe and makeup fitting plus meeting the rest of the cast and crew. Played the part of one of Katie's immigrant friends from China - stereotypical role but at least it something, will lead to more. Plus I was one of the lucky one's that didn't get caught by the police lol. So more days on set!The weather in London has been horrible in mid June to beginning of July and had alot of filming to get through still. Lots of outdoor scenes that required sun so some projects had to change from outdoor to indoor scenes. But during this I still went to castings when I had some days off, mostly on Thursday's it seems? Weird?! Anyways, one of the best jobs I got from a casting this month was when I went to a casting via skype. Was actually a pretty long talk from interests and then got improv to do with casting director and even weirdly the director and producer of the gig. Then a couple days later went to meet the AD at spotlight for recall before getting the confirmation the day after.I had been cast as "Harajuka Girlfriend" (Principal) for "YAMAHA" Corporate Video shooting in Tokyo, Japan that weekend. Had to pack my bags and hop on the plane quick for wardrobe/makeup and filming for the next 2.5 days on the other side of the world. Was so much fun, everything was paid for. I had to wear a typical Harajuka style costume and everything on the back of a massive and brand new Yamaha Bike with lead actor riding it. Improvised a fun and then silly scene for filming before everyone headed out for dinner, Cast and Crew. I convinced the production company to let us stay another couple of days out there for exploring, sightseeing and shopping which they happily agreed. Was given a tour around Tokyo from fellow Cast and some Crew members before I had to head back to London for filming/meetings. I will have to head back to Japan for proper holiday soon!The very same day I arrived back in the UK I had a casting for a trailer around London Bridge and booked that part. I have been cast as "Tracy" (Principal) for "Well Beloved" SCI-FI / Love Trailer. Met some lovely people during filming and will definitely keep in touch with them - its always great to make contacts.We are now all up to speed with everything, woop woop. So lets continue on with July!I am currently filming a new HSBC Commercial "App Tycoon" for 2012 and have been cast as "Summer" (Lead) in Monumental Media's Promo "Till Midnight Comes" shooting now. Mostly night shoots and although its been raining it couldn't ruin the mood of the cast and crew. Infact it has made the scenes more amazing. I can also now happily announce I have been cast in another Feature Film, filming soon and I will post all about that on my next blog entry.Okay I'm off for another long night shoot tonight, hope you've enjoyed reading this months entry and remember to enjoy your summer! The Olympics is only days away now! Can't wait!Until next time,Peace X (^-^)

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Busy, Busy, Busy Bee

Good Morning Dear Reader,What a busy time it has been again and I'm loving every minute of it. Began April with a bang of both filming, handing in my essays and studying for my exams - which I have now pretty much completed and will be having a much deserved Summer Break soon. Got confirmed for and shot a new Corporate Short Film for The Fields "Trust Me - I'm in Marketing!" which will be posted and available to view soon via my Official Facebook Fanpage: such a fun time filming that, made some great contacts and will be working with The Fields again for other projects in the near future. During the month of April and May it seems there are alot of big feature films filming around London and I got to be apart of all the action - all thanks to my friends at Casting Collective: are just some of the films I've been apart of and still got more to be confirmed for filming soon: Feature Film - Keith Lemon: The Film (Keith Lemon and Kelly Brook), Skyfall (Daniel Craig), Closed (Eric Bana), Rush (Chris Hemsworth and Olivia Wilde), Thaandavam (Bollywood Movie).Phew, okay and during Mid May I got cast as "GB Supporter" for Channel Four's Paralympics Superheroes 2012 Tv Ad/Ident which was filmed in Crystal Palace. Was a very early wake up call just like the Feature Films above (some as early as 3:30am!) and we filmed both outdoors and indoors. Watched the Paralympic Wheelchair Rugby while filming which I got to say was a very exciting sport. Soon after, I was cast in a new Coca Cola commercial which was filmed on Greenscreen at Camberwell Studios as Alice's Best Friend (Principal) which was another fun adventure for me - can't wait to see what was supposed to be in place of all the green.We have been having some beautiful weather around London which is always wonderful to have, got to spend more time in the sun during my holiday. But I don't think I will have too much free time thanks to another 2 Short Film shoot and 3 Feature Films to prepare for - will be rehearsing and workshopping soon for shoot during Summer and Autumn. Loving Life!Might have to consider differing a year from University to concentrate on my projects, will see in August if filming is confirmed first. Until then thanks for reading and keep following your dreams. Hope to meet or possibly work with you soon.Lots of LoveXXX

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Happy Easter Break! (^-^)

Hello All,We are having some amazing weather here in London and I couldn't be happier, gots lots of work coming up and its such an exciting time as for the next month I am packed with activities to do practically everyday! So if anyone wants to hang in the city with me during the Easter Break - be sure to give me a couple days notice so I can make room for you! :)Shooting is still on going with Short Film "Dog" - trying to work around cast and crews other commitments as well, this project has been pretty hectic but looking to finish by the end of Easter. As for "Chokepoint" - we have been rehearsing and choreographing fight scenes for the series. Got alot of epic fights and very long/challenging dialogue bashing to get through - very much having a good time and looking forward to more filming in London and Oxford.I have been workshopping on a new feature film "Girl From Tibet" with Award Winning Director Niko Von Glasow which is still in development and hoping to get confirmed for filming in a couple of months time. Had an amazing time meeting very interesting and inspiring cast and crew from this project. Loved it!Just finished filming Short Film "Secret" in Mandarin Chinese with English Sub which was another interesting experience. Most of the cast and crew are just starting out so I felt like the teacher sometimes which was very cool, got to inspire and help out which I always love to do. Look out!Filming for "Svengali" was another fun experience - had to wake up pretty early for calling time and ended up filming scenes in a pub and spotted alot of familiar faces. Always great to catch up and meet some amazing and talented big names on set too.Had a casting for Rosetta Stone commercial and boy that one got really out of hand - the casting breakdown got changed the minute we got in the casting room. Me and my friend Haruka went in together - casting was for typical Hello Kitty Girls, so many came in short skirts and colourful made up hair just to be told they now wanted Business Women. Grrr Argh!Anyway we still went through with it and had to speak one line of German which sounded funny, before heading out. Another reason why this casting was challenging was alot of my female East Asian friends who where mostly Chinese got turned away from casting as they wanted Japanese girls - apparently you could be half or quarter Japanese to be seen, felt really sorry for my friends who came all this way, some from as far as Cambridge for the London casting :(Well this is what to expect in some castings - have to sail through and bag the next one. Spent the rest of my days finishing and handing in my coursework as well as revising for exams and scripts for more filming. Another exciting month ahead! Hope to see you all soon on the next blog. Feel free to leave comments and when you have time, view my new Facebook Fanpage - (VIEW AND LIKE!!!)Until next time X     

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Short Films vs Feature Films and Workshop

Greetings one and all,hope your all keeping busy, all I can say is its been a pretty busy few weeks. Trying to juggle filming commitments, learning lines, going to castings/workshops while at the same time heading to study group/class has been keeping me on my toes for sure. So a quick entry before I'm heading for another workshop meet in an hour's time - very exciting projects lined up, feeling very blessed.Mid Febuary and straight after my trip to LA I found myself the next night wandering around Piccadilly Circus for the better part of half an hour filming some scenes for a new feature film "51 degrees" ( There were around about 30 members of the cast altogether. We all stood together with troubled-expressions looking up at the Piccadilly Lights, watching a News Report about the end of the world..... 2012 really is a doomed year predicted by many. Anyways that was a fun experience, filmed all night and looking forward to seeing the finished product on the big screen released later this year.The following week production finally begun on a short film in which I play the lead girl, Gina Woo, which will be doing the film festival circuit so hopefully you can catch it when its out. Based upon an urban myth with a funny twist at the end - watch out for "The Dog" (Working title). We will be filming the short at a Chinese Takeaway, The DSL, A River Boat and many other fun locations.Next up for me is a project I'm waiting to hear back with comfirmation for a new feature film filming in the UK, US and Asia which is very exciting, getting to work with the amazing German director, Niko Von Glasow ( currently doing a workshop with him as the lead girl. If this goes well we hope to shoot the film for a release in 2013, WORLD PLEASE DON'T END YET!!!But until then filming for "The Dog" continues, as well as filming/learning a Choreographed Fight scene for TV Series "Chokepoint" and classes can occupy my time. That and I still manage to find time to play the new "Mass Effect 3" game! Such an amazing series, if you haven't done so get it now!!!I just got confirmed for a Student film as a Principal Character shot entirely in Mandarin Chinese, so need to brush up on my 普通話. I will be playing Xiaoyi, the best friend, and will be filming soon.Also confirmed to film a scene for a British Comedy Film "Svengali" staring Jonny Owen, Maxine Peake and Martin Freeman. Filming also very soon (, alright that is all from me for now. Heard the short film I did "The Cube" will be coming out soon, in final stages of editing and I will post a link to it when its out. Time for me to head for another night of workshop. Keep reaching for the stars eveeryone!Lots of Love, xxx

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Short Film Filming, IMDB & 2nd LA Trip

Hi Guys,Just arrived back home in London, UK and catching up with many stuff online - we really can't live without the internet anymore it seems. Back before I headed back to LA for a couple of days, I filmed a short film around Parliament for a good friend of mine which was so much fun even if I had to wear a very horrible multicoloured jumper all day - people's eyes were on me, which I wouldn't be complaining if it weren't looking like a "Rubix" cube all day but you would know the reason why when you see the film. After the long day of filming in the very cold London air I took to the sky literally heading back to LA for my many Agents and Managers meetings. First one was a great catch up and lovely to meet again from my trip back in November - we kept in touch via email and he wanted to meet me again so that's a very nice thought.Next one was arranged from my LA friend, Amy who recommended me and thanks to her I meet with her agent who was very nice and will be keeping in touch with in the future. Was offered a representation from them - but unfortunately had to turn them down for now, I thought it over in my hotel room and talking with other people as well as my BF and decided to concentrate on my career back home first. Once i've established my place back home i would be more than happy to move abroad for work commitments, I know its going to take alot of my time and money just getting to LA with no credits so got to work extra hard at home - LA dream is put on hold for now. Besides I got lots of offer and work coming up in London so LA won't have to wait too long. (^-^)Finally a managers meeting - and what do you know, got a contract with them - thank you Katie for the recommendation, I am now signed with an LA Manager who will be helping me sort out my 01 Visa to work in LA and other work enquiries. Such a wonderful time in LA, got myself a Manager all in the space of 24 hours since arriving and then spent the next 2 days exploring LA liked I hope to do again.Finally got the chance to visit Universal Studio Hollywood and went to as many attractions as I could - actually went to most of the main ones thanks to an early meet.Final day spent exploring the hotel we stayed at - The Four Seasons and I really loved my room, wish I could have stayed in LA a couple more days. Had planned for a whole week trip but work commitment back home meant it changed to a 3 day trip. Oh well, work comes first.LA food portions or general American portions are way too much for little me, thank god my BF was there with me to finish off what I couldn't.Got to visit the Hollywood Walk Of Fame again and this time with my new Canon Camera got to take these amazing pictures. Hope you all like them - thank you auntie for my wonder christmas gift. Got to admire all the talented and amzing individuals in the entertainment industry - hope to work/meet them one day.Lastly spent the few hours of my LA trip at a shopping mall and got myself a bunch of neat stuff just to treat myself for a successful trip before heading back to the hotel to pick up our bags and headed straight to the airport for our long trip home.Arrived back home very early in the morning and had a little nap at home - that flight and trip took alot out of me, for more insight on my LA trip visit my twitter account for more pictures and details of the ride I rode in Universal Studios Hollywood. Heading straight to work after this and going to be shooting a scene for a new feature film "51 Degrees". Will post about that by the end of the week hopefully.Finally got myself an IMDB page so feel free to check it out - (Still need updating)Well that's it from me and again as usual - until next time, thanks for reading.Lots of Love X

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CNY and Lycamobile

Happy Chinese New Year!!!What a exciting and wonderful start to the New Year, 2012 has started with a bang for me and my career. Got the chance to meet and work with some amazing people - Starting with a new TV Ad for Lycamobile ( www. a great and fun experience, got to bring my mother to do some supporting artist work plus she was the one who helped sort out the venue for the shoot so I kind of owed her one. A very funny day and we managed to complete the shoot in a couple of hours - good work.The finished Ad can now be seen online (See Below Link) and on TV (The Chinese Channel: TVB/The Pheonix Channel). Check it out and let me know what you think of it. If you catch it on the tele let me know also, would be cool to catch it myself :)Video: other news I had another casting for a Web Series which is going to be a mix between a K Drama and Skins which sounds really good, read the script and loved it. Wish me luck on that one.And also got confirmed for a new short film were I would play the lead, hopefully shooting in the beginning of Feb which I'm looking forward to.Now to continue the celebration of the Year of the Dragon - Happy Chinese New Year! May the new year bring good health and happiness to everyone!恭喜發財! 祝大家新年快樂, 身體健康, 心想事成, 每天都開開心心! (^-^)Lots of Love X

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Video Time and Casting

Hi Everyone,

Finally back from NYC and the first thing I do is catch a cold, great, oh well at least it gives me an excuse to use the laptop in bed. Anyways I got my hands on the Corporate Film I shot back in September for Holly IP. Check it out:


The Random 11 Feature Film I did finally had a screening in Covern Garden in London which went really well, found out it was just the first part of the film so hopefully I will be back for the second part of the story. To check out a teaser for the film with me in it. See below link:


The video that showed me as a volunteer for the Corporate Commercial for New Moon Productions showing at IAAF in Monaco was so much fun - The Commercial has won London the 2017 Athletic Games.

And the new HSBC advertisement circling around I filmed back in December was pretty neat to see, though it mostly showed my hands its still something. I played one of the Chinese Daughters and you can catch the online video here:

Video: To end the blog, I went to my first screen test of the year for a Chinese Ad and I've got to say, although I was really unwell and didn't look my best, i thought i did a pretty good job of the casting. Plus the directors seem to like what I did and said they will definitly get back to me by Monday so hope to hear back with good news - heres hoping.

So i hope you had time to read this entry and enjoyed the videos I've posted up. Please leave comments if you can so i can do a better job next time when i'm feeling alot better.

Take Care,

L Wong X    

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