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Many of the ladies that I have trained ,have all had that mindset oh no I can't do this or that. But really in reality it's all just the fear of trying something different/unfamiliar. Remember ladies our body can stand more than we think , it's the mind that needs to be convinced that YES I CAN!!!. Remember great things happens out of the comfort zone ??

strongwomen #fitnessgoals#health

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Bowl of happiness ?? Sweet #pumpkin & chilli bites, avocado, cherry tomatoes, bistro salad topped with caramelised onions houmous & #pomegranate seeds. #vegan friendly & was easy to hook up ?

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Girl don't expect do go from McDonald's Chic to Victoria secret model in one single session or one portion of salad...??? #gymstruggle#diet#healthandfitness

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May your day be as happy as my #brunch despite the cold & rainy weather ?. #vegansausage#omelette#muskmelon ☕ ?

Have a blessed #weekend ???

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Last class today, can't help but feeling emotionally as I have trained with amazing ladies (some couldn't be on the clip but they were amazing too mashaAllah) . We have laughed, felt the burn & best of all we had fun & not only focusing on weight loss. This is not a goodbye but #inshaAllah we will meet again. Until then stay amazing, keep pushing towards your goals & stay real/beautiful /amazing . Fitness journey is You v You & don't let anyone steal your glory ??✊❤️ #strongwomen#fitfam

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Today's quick lunch, Grilled #salmon (with #kimchi chilli paste & soy sauce) Mushrooms , bistro salad topped with avocado, baked beans (washed), cherry tomatoes & cucumber.#Bismillah


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tb boot camp awesome time #bootcamp #circuitworkout #healthylifestyle

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Tb moments ,from smethwick to inner city of Birmingham, it's been nothing but bliss running classes back to back at various gyms in Birmingham, meet amazing people working hard to better their health. I'm looking forward to see after #Ramadan insha'Allah where my job will land me next ?. #circuitworkout#classes#bootcamp

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Time of the month cravings kicking in? Worry not, this dairy free smoothie will do the trick??. This was a mix of : 1/2 cup exotic fruit mix (frozen) 1/3 cup blue berries (frozen or fresh) 2 pot of coconut yogurt 1 table spoon chia seeds If it's too thick to blend add little bit of coconut/almond or soy milk (no dairy to avoid bloating feeling). You can choose whatever fruit you want but no dairy.

vegan#dairyfree #cravings

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Dinner after a long tiring Monday ?. Today was one of them day when half of my clients & I weren't feeling well & we couldn't wait for the session to end. But you know what, they pushed through masha'Allah & although I was knackered it motivated me to squeeze in quick workout of my own. Bless up to all the #strongwomen still pushing through when the odds is against them. You guys are the real #MVP ?

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