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    We like Drum & Bass and Dubstep music. We organise parties, we DJ, we write our own music and we run KONGKAST - Asia's largest podcast for these genres with fresh DJ mixes broadcast worldwide every week.

    If you're interested to get to know us, tune into our podcast or drop by one of our events. For news check: http://www.kongkretebass.com

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  • New Drum & Bass Music mix: Kongkast # 220 – feat. Blackie (Syndicate / Beijing, China)

    Wednesday, Apr 2, 2014 4:43PM / News

    This week, we are delighted to have one of Beijing’s top Drum & Bass DJs back on Kongkast for another exclusive mix –  Blackie (Syndicate / Beijing, China). For those who are familiar with his name will know already that you’re in for a treat for the next hour! but for those who don’t, we […]


  • New Bass Music mix: Kongkast # 219 – feat. N1D (Ecstatic Bass / Macau)

    Tuesday, Mar 25, 2014 1:39AM / News

    This week, we’re back with one of our Bass music friends from Macau – N1D (Ecstatic Bass / Macau). It’s been a number of years since we’ve had a mix from N1D, this time, he comes through with a different vibe! Loaded with dubs from his home town of Macau, this short mix will no doubt […]


  • New Drum & Bass mix: Kongkast # 218 – feat. AXON (Invisible Recordings, Proximity, Demand Records / UK)

    Wednesday, Mar 12, 2014 2:56PM / News

    George Aston aka Axon is a UK born club and radio DJ / producer currently living in Hanoi, Vietnam. Predominantly a minimal Drum and Bass producer, but with his roots in Dubstep, Axon has had a number of releases on various record labels. Notably, Basher’s imprint Proximity, cutting edge Swiss label Demand Records, and most […]


  • New Drum & Bass mix: Kongkast # 217 – feat. PHIL TANGENT (Soul:R, Commercial Suicide, Samurai Music / UK)

    Sunday, Mar 2, 2014 12:36PM / News

    Welcome back to another episode of KONGKAST. After a well deserve break in Asia, we are back in the HQ to bring you another exclusive mix, this week, we are delighted to have Phil Tangent (Soul:R, Commercial Suicide, Samurai Music / UK) in the mix for us. Having established him self with the support on radio […]


  • New Bass mix: Kongkast # 216 – feat. SEMPER-FI (Foreigndub / Aus)

    Wednesday, Feb 5, 2014 6:59PM / News

    And here we go! Our last exclusive mix before we hit our annual (we think well deserved) break for Chinese New Year! Many thanks for tuning into KONGKAST throughout 2013, we hope to see you on our Facebook, Twitter or Web Blog accounts again soon! We will be back on air from March 2014 onwards, […]



  • The Kongkretebass collective host and support Drum & Bass gigs in and around bustling Hong Kong...


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