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next time

we get used to say "next time" in the daily life.

maybe next time we can ...

how about next time...

all of we like to save the things for "next time"  if we know this moment isn't our last chance.

but the ending always comes up before you notice it.

when we design to do sth latter, the chance has passed away without warning.

we can't see what will happen in the other days, why do we still save it for last?

if the chance comes up, plz don't try to save it . you c...Read more

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the final ending

i feel that i have seem our final ending these days. it's hard to keep in touch with you after i leave china. maybe the friendship between us will be fade away just because the long long distance. i feel hurt to face up to these fact. god bless us. let us remember each other longer and longer. maybe you will forget me one day, and maybe you will think me as a stranger. that's ok, it doesnt matter. the only thing you must remember is i wouldnt forget you all forever.you always be my friend in my heart! it never change for everything. ...Read more

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don't be so serious! just kidding!

no one would like anger, but at the same time, no one can get rid of it. actually, maybe sometimes we are angry cuz we are too serious of somethings, then someone's jokes, you take it too much to heart.

come on, don't be so serious, just kidding!

have you ever think forgiving your enermy means releasing yourself? when you hate someone, just means you are angry with what he/she said or what he/she did. if you insist on hating he/she without forgiving, you cant forget what he/she said or what he/sh...Read more

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waitting for a new life

it's time to tell you about my big big secret. i will go to the states for two years after July. i'm so sorry to tell you this so late. coz knowing all of you will feel so sad, i keep it as a secret until the last minute. i will miss you all. i will take care of myself and let you see a better me after 2 years.haha...

what's waitting for me in the coming days?

i have begun to prepare the luggage and search some imformations about the city. a teacher said, you will have a hard time after you determined to go...Read more

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a man who carrying many secrets will feel so tired

 i must keep many things as secrets in these days with reasons

3months later, i will tell you all the truth

please forgive me...

god bless you


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i have learned mandarin chinese for a long time . but i must speak it very slow with little practice.

everytime i must tanslate my words in my mind first, and after that, speak them in mandarin chinese.

once i took the lift and saw two lady chatting about the train station. one of them maybe come from the mainland. so the one which living in hk must speak to her in mandarin chinese. the most kidding thing is the hk lady's mandarin chinese just sound like cantonese. im wondering if the "mailand lady" can understand what ...Read more

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too much work to do

these days, im trying my best to finish all my work. fubruary 28th is the deadline. but i just working for the beginning of the work. god bless me! 

i think i am used to doing my work in a hurry. for example, mum urged me to pack the stuff before i leave to school. but i did this until the last night ( always the midnight) . so mum always urged me again and again, but everytime i just told her dont worried about this, i have enough time to pack my stuff. these days, i think i have brought this bad habit to my work. i leave little ...Read more

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chimelong paradise

 im going to chimelong paradise with CJ tomorrow.

maybe few people will go there tomorrow and i can enjoy my time.haha...

you can see me after this SAT.

want to try all kinds of roller coaster and throw away all my pressure

have a good time.


loves ki


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no photos

maybe you are confused that why i never post my photos here...hmm...i just think my appearance doesnt so important and i want to make friends with someone who really care of my character, not my face. i will show you my deeply thoughts here and many of them are never to be told.

here is the main reason:

it's hard to make sure if someone really admire you after he/she looked your face. the appearances always influence people's judgement. the pretty one always can be the focus of attention. the ugly one may always be left behi...Read more

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 肥姐 passed away  yesterday..........what a shocking news......

but i want to said nothing about this....just want to mark it down here......

everyone must face up to the death. in these years, some of my relatives passed away. and i have learned how to control the sad coming out from my mind.  to be honest, the wound is always staying on my mind, but i cant let them appear on my face. i dont want someone commiserate me. i must to be stronger and stronger and prove to others that nothing can defeat me! so i always hold the sad inside my hea...Read more

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