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Let it Flow

 Even when situations come up & you get frustrated & angry & you may seem to feel alone. Have an added reminder that you never are alone & their will always be someone out there or even near you that can fill your void of whatever it may be. Feel love in the deepness of your heart & the fear will subside. Some say their really are only two  basic emotions Love & Fear. When we choose love we let go of those constrictions & when we choose fear we get all wadded up inside. As they say in Tai Chi Ch'uan. "...Read more

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China Town

Silent steps of our feet. As we walk through the dark streets of the town. We lead a way -- like that of a bright flashlight. The clicks of the heals touch thee earth. With ever step --- our silence is heard. The erie creeps through & trys to force its way in. We look in it's eye's & see it for what it is. Our hands hold strong to the bright light of love within. May it be the families of friends we hold dear to a stranger that may be near. This light grows a brighter flame indepth & clear. ~Kathleen

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Those who have not a thorough insight into both, the signification and purpose of words, will be under chances, amounting almost to certainty, of reasoning or inferring incorrectly.~John Mill

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 We all have goals which is truly wonderful. As we look at them as not a completion as in yoga -- their is no complete posture as in life this is an endless journey of awareness through. ~Kathleen (Klove)

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Joys of Life


The sweet caress of the awaited bed.

Joys sweet spread.

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Of all the dangerous energies that can breed inside our minds, one of the most harmful is the wish that things were otherwise. By the exertion of effort we can attempt to change the way other people think or behave, or the way the circumstances are evolving, but when that effort encounters resistance as it often will, corrosive chemicals start to eat away at the core of our being. Even the extent to which we can modify our own characters is debatable: perhaps all we can do is commit to a program of action that goes against the gra...Read more

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Explosion of endurance caught his eye,

He took it into his heart with every try,

The world around him covered its beauty,

It penetrated all that it had to suit,

Continued on with every storm,

He held on to the one throne,

His spirit soared above others,

For this he held the crown that so proudly hovers,

~Kathleen (Klove)

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Some may say why look back at the past picture's we own. "To move & boost us through to the future ~ Now."


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Natural beauty can not be copied or replaced.

Each and everyone of us have a uniqueness that no one can mirror.

We hold this greatness in our housing bodies while on this earth.

May we allow this natural beauty to animate beyond our adopted training's.

While we move from this centralness we radiate an energy that is like a magnet that magnifies beyond the imaginable.

~Kathleen (Klove)

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Its a great thing to know the season for speech & the season for silence. ~ Seneca




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Put yourself in a environment to help your seed to grow ~ Now

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