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  • Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core ~ Nibelheim 7 wonders ~

    Wednesday, Mar 26, 2008 12:43PM / Standard Entry / Gaming Journal / Members only

    First Wonder
    Phoenix materia inside the water tank that causes the water bloody red

    Second Wonder
    Girl that come out from the painting and return in it time to time
    It is actually a two sided painting, one side, a girl sitting on the chair, another side, just the chair alone. Behind the painting is actually a bird nest, it act as a safe for the clerk to hide his gambling gil from his wife. It is reminder for the clerk himself for safe keeping his gil for his gambling, if the girl is inside the painting, it means theres are gil in that safe, if the girl is not inside the painting, it means there are  no gil inside the safe.

    Third Wonder
    The wonder bomb. Confirm the wonder bomb really does exist by beating all three of them without letting them explode. Just attack the one that grows big or about to explode.

    Gray Bomb, Touchy Bomb and Remedy Bomb.

    Upon defeating all the bombs without letting them explode, received Gold Shard as the proof

    4th Wonder
    The Laughing Safe. Someone or something is laughing inside the safe.

    To get the 4 digit pass code for the Laughing safe,

    Hint: Knowledge overflowing
    (Shinra manor 2nd floor east peephole room) Total book that has been overturned (1) + Not nicely arrange book (4) = 5

    Hint: Unwelcome faces
    Answer: The ghost in the room (Shinra Manor 1st floor east peephole room) = 1

    Hint:Tasty reminders of home
    Answer: (Shina manor 2nd floor west peephole room) Benora white apple (4) + canned food (3) = 7

    Hint: Resting on all four feet
    (Shinra Manor 1st floor west peephole room)
    numbers of chair = 3

    Laughing Safe pass code = 5173
    What is inside Laughing Safe = Cactuar

    5th Wonder
    The noise under Shinra manor is actually Vincent Valentine snoring sleeping inside the coffin

    6th Wonder
    Treasure in the fire
    Nibelheim was set fire by Sephiroth, save the boy's mum in that trapped in the house within one minute, received Atk++ materia

    7th Wonder
    The village itself is the 7th wonder, after being burned down to ashes by Sephiroth, the village return the same the way it was before the fire. Boy hide a 'Wall' materia near the village.

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