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Joey Wong


I am no longer using this blog.


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Me lovee

I want VODKA

Getting them all next week!


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Subcrew X BRAiNCHiLD

I am not so good  in interacting stuffs. So, everybody, I'm gonna make my site as simple as I can. I am not wanting to make it famous but just wanting to know more people from places, especially HONG KONG baybeh! Anyone out there, feel free to come talk/chat. Anyway, I love streething, I'm pretty sure alotta people know what's that right? So, anyone knows where can I get the new Subcrew X BRAiNCHiLD cap? Please PM me if you do. Thanks!

Cheers people!

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Joey Wong

Languages Spoken english, cantonese, mandarin
Favorite Tv Shows Gossip Girl x.o.x.o.
Hometown Penang, Malaysia
Favorite Music Alt. Rock, Pop, Classical, R&B, Blues, Jazz