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Mike Shenton

'$700B. BAIL OUt for banks'?? What about giving 'Mixies', a '$700B. Funding Package', to run -'Import -Export'??

My Dream, (1 of million's of mine -actually), is that whatever money, banks get or whatever money, is spent on war(s), us -'Mixies' ('Mixed -Race' people), will get the same/similar amounts.

I Hope, that this will be 'Lobbied', as a 'Bill'.

I Also; hope for us, 'Mixies', to: 

'Hold a License', for 'Import -Export', so that -anyone else, who wishes to do 'Import -Export', will have to go through us: in/on a '50-50 Basis'.

I Hope, that who I call -'Pure Breeds', such as 'Full -Indians, Chinese and other -people'; will support us, in this and in turn, we will -

Be 'Ethical' and kInd,

Give '10% of our profit's, to 'the 3rd World''.

Get -on -well, with all other 'Ethnicities'.

Oppose such -things, as 'CHild -Abuse' and wars.

Love -Mikey.

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Mike Shenton

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