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Cherry pop!?


it has come rainy season in Japan,

very humid so not  comfortable.... 

I ate Cherry for lunch!!

it was very sweet, fresh and so deliciouse!! (AWESOCIOUSE!! )

i took pics of Cherry.


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VanNess in Tokyo!!

VanNess came to Tokyo for  his talk show  the day before yesterday.

I went to see his show!! 

He looked like a little tired,but he was smiling  during the show.

I was impressed by his talk  mentined about his inside,

he told us he had been botherd about himself  for  his future,

and he had been praying and spent with his family in L.A.

I could understand his feeling write down in his blog ,AnD here!

the show was interesting.

He joined GEISAI art museum show,his art works were ...Read more

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The O.C

Today is Spring Equinox day. (today is Holiday in Japan)

it was very warm sunny day,wind in the hair.

Spring has come!!I like Spring,cuz  i hate cold season.

BTW...I have been watching DVD "the O.C" since last month.

The O.C is American Drama. very very interesting story!

the highschool students  in the Orange County are very rich.

they are look like "F4" of Meteor Garden ,Taiwanese famouse drama in 2001.

"The O.C"  have 3 seasons. long long story!!

I have 2...Read more

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Asian Songs

Thank you for visiting me!!

Today ,many Asian songs TV programs were broadcasted in Japan on  pay channel

(Sky perfect TV).

For instance,Rain &VanNess in Tokyo "ASIAN NEXT PAX MUSICA 2006",

Asian Song Festival in SEOUL 2007.

Of course VanNess appered in TV !!

We can't see so often Asian music TV program in terrestrial station,

alomost  TV station in Japan like to broadcast domestic music TV program,

except pay channel.

I went to ASIAN NEXT PAX MUSICA in TOKY...Read more

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Not Juiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!



This is my first blooooogggggg!

but I mistook to enter my name spelling ...Julia for Juiaaaaaa(><)

when I was a kid,my friernds called  me "Vanessa"

hahaha...not Julia (just kidding:)







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