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 I  went to Kyoto,Nara the other day for my summer vacation.

my favorite place in Kyoto is Nan-Zen ji Zen temple ,very nice place.

Nanzen-Ji,also called Zuiryusan,is one of the most well-known Rinzai Zen temples in Japan.


This is "Suiro-Kaku"  this was built around Nanzenji Temple

It looks like the “Acquedotti di Roma”!!

 This was built after the Meiji Restoration.

next...I went to Ho-nen- in Temple.

I had green tea at Yo-ji ya Cafe,very popular in Kyoto.

topping Green tea powder.looks like face!

this face is a symbol of Yojiya company.

Yojiya is a famous company of cosmetics,oil blotting paper in Japan.




I went to Nara.

Nara is famous for dear. japanese shika.

The over 1,200 wild dear  freely roaming around in the park is also under designation of MEXT, classified as a "Natural Monument."

(Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, " MEXT ")

I found the dear crossing the road:)

very funny....  





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nice! that's pretty cool.
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