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  • Asia Music Summit2

    Friday, Apr 29, 2011 9:31PM / Standard Entry

    I went to see the concert of VanNess ,Da Mouth,Show Lo,Wilber,Dance Flow"Asian Music Summit2" at NHK Hall in Tokyo on last Sunday,24,Apr.

    VanNess sang his new songs from his new album"V"

    It was very nice show.

    this pics shows penlight using at concert.


    Their messages for Japan,espeialy for damaged area by TSUNAMI,huge earthquake,was very impressed.

    I was moved by their warm heartful massage for Japan.

    By the way,my friend took pics in Fukushima prefecture.


    The power of TSUNAMI was beyond our imaginings.

    I have no words to describe it.






  • non title

    Saturday, Apr 9, 2011 10:48PM / Standard Entry

    Video: http://youtu.be/6bD66T-n_5c

    Minutes before a violent earthquake convulsed north east  area of Japan,I was working,enjoying a quiet Friday afternoon, after a few weeks of nearly nonstop work since then.

    TV CM were not broadcasted  for a while.

    instead of TV commercial spot ,"AC Japan "TV CF were broadcasted much.

    "AC'=Advertising Council Japan" http://www.ad-c.or.jp/eng/

    I saw this CF, the title "Magic of  Greeting" many times a day. 

    Many lives are lost by TUSNAMI and a violent earthqueek,but we are alomost cool.

    many Japanese people looks so tired,I think,we need "smile"

     every day, the  earthqueek occurred many times a day.

    the day before yesterday, a powerful aftershock has rattled the quake-scarred region in Japan's Miyagi Prefecture and  around.

    so,please don't have a misunderstanding for Japan,

    for instance, products made in Japan are all radioactively-contaminated.

    it is funny,not so down to earth.

    I eat Japanese foods every day!!

    I'm so happy,when i  saw  TV news reported  that many countories helps us.

    thank you for supporting us.







  • Kyoto,Nara

    Wednesday, Sep 22, 2010 10:22AM / Standard Entry

     I  went to Kyoto,Nara the other day for my summer vacation.

    my favorite place in Kyoto is Nan-Zen ji Zen temple ,very nice place.

    Nanzen-Ji,also called Zuiryusan,is one of the most well-known Rinzai Zen temples in Japan.


    This is "Suiro-Kaku"  this was built around Nanzenji Temple

    It looks like the “Acquedotti di Roma”!!

     This was built after the Meiji Restoration.

    next...I went to Ho-nen- in Temple.

    I had green tea at Yo-ji ya Cafe,very popular in Kyoto.

    topping Green tea powder.looks like face!

    this face is a symbol of Yojiya company.

    Yojiya is a famous company of cosmetics,oil blotting paper in Japan.




    I went to Nara.

    Nara is famous for dear. japanese shika.

    The over 1,200 wild dear  freely roaming around in the park is also under designation of MEXT, classified as a "Natural Monument."

    (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, "MEXT")

    I found the dear crossing the road:)

    very funny....  






  • Much Snow!!!

    Sunday, Feb 28, 2010 10:36PM / Standard Entry

    We had much snow in Japan this winter for the first time in 26 years!!

    nowadays,Spring has come in Japan!! 


    (I took this pic  this month in Niigata  when I went to see the live show of Jerry.)


  • Happy New Year!

    Thursday, Dec 31, 2009 7:41PM / Standard Entry

    Hi everyone!

    today is Omisoka ,the last day of 2009.

    I'm now drinking shampagne,Veuve Cliequot I love it!!!

    a little drunk......

    it will be 2010 after 3 hours,,,,

    Hope you happy holidays !

    i took pics of Xmas flower.




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