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3rd Wave- Contemporary Christian Music

The 3rd Wave album contains 11 original CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) songs and is a work of love and passion. It is a benchmark album as there has not been a work in this genre by Asian artists for 15 years. All songs are in English! Album proceeds go towards helping Africa! http://www.3rdwavemusic.org/

...Read more
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3rd Wave Special Gifts to Fans

‎ 3rd Wave artists have handpicked gifts as part of the Care Package for 4 Grand Prizes! Johnny (top left) has chosen a hat and scarf. Siwon Choi has picked an adorable Christmas bunny (top right) along with a polaroid photo of himself, his autograph, and a short message. Brian Joo (bottom left) has selected a cross necklace...with diamond studs. Van Ness Wu (bottom right) has gotten a cute doll from the 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition, which he has ...Read more

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3rd Wave Christmas Sales

With every 3rd Wave CD purchase during the Christmas Sale (Nov.

15-Dec. 15), you get this Mini Poster for FREE!! Poster features VanNess Wu, Brian Joo, and Siwon Choi (Super Junior), who all participated on the album!! You also get a FREE ringtone for the song "You Created Me" and FREE shipping!! ...Read more

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3rd Wave Music - I Will Be There

3rd Wave's Christmas Sale is taking place RIGHT NOW! Get a CD from Nov. 15-Dec. 15 and be eligible to enter a contest to win amazing prizes!! http://www.3rdwavemusic.org/Read more

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Something cheer everyone up...

Recently I was too addicted with this drama which I really wish I can dream about it...a drama that can make my mind from not thinking anything else and just to have fun n enjoy watching it...jst feel like wanted so much being in the drama...

Hyun Joong is so handsome, cute n he makes me done some stupid thing that is to print screen those videos...haha...crazy me...

seeing hyun joong just remind me of ZAI few years back after his MG drama..his character for the next drama and everyt...Read more

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This is specially for all of our kind donors for GIFT OF HOPE...

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Catch up Van reply about his Bday gifts@Ustream LIVE CHAT on Monday, 13th Sept 2010...

Thanks to V for answering the question...we are all so touched and this message really meant a lot to us...

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4B28TLeZU-w(Min 7.)

Question(by LF): Vanness,did u receive our bday present to YOU d postcards & donations cards fr all of us??

Van: "Yeah… I did received those..the birthday cards and ...Read more

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Let's support to see F4 re-unite again

Please help to spread:

For those who have Twitter or Weibo, do follow the below accounts if u hope to see F4 10th anniversary concert.

Let the numbers prove the power of F4!

Facebook "Do You Wanna Watch F4 Concert"


Thanks Michi for the post...

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Check this out http://www.iamvanness.com and register as member now...


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Jacinta saw this when she updating herself by looking through the GSC website just few minutes ago...

emmm...I guess he is just the cameo again???

Heroic Detective (Mandarin)

[image] Multi-talented singer/songwriter Jay Chou is back in the director's seat after "Secret" (2007). 'Brilliant Detective' Leo comes to know that the most wicked 'Crazy Gangster Group' are secretly researching into ...Read more

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Thanx 4 visiting Jessi's Paradise..Feel free to drop by anytime...CHEERS!!GOD BLESS "If you are FORTUNATE now, doesnt mean u will be fortunate forever..

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