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I was at Victoria Music Store@ SUngei Wang to purchase VanNess album and Kim Hyun Joong single. Was busy choosing which version to purchase and suddenly over heard this lady right beside me asking, "I wanna purchase WESTLIFE concert tickets" ....

Deep in my heart...OMG...did I listen it wrongly???She just mentioned "WESTLIFE CONCERT"???

and YEAH...we saw the seating plan on the counter...wow...Read more

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David Archuleta 2011 Malaysia Concert

I was given tickets to Archie Malaysia 2011 concert on 26th July 2011 which took place at Stadium Negara. It was jst about 20 min walking distance from my home.

However, we decided to head to the concert venue right after we finish our work on that day. Really looking forward to see his concert.

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It have been a time I didn't spare my time to blog...but today, I guess I will continue to blog more and more...I miss bloging anyway...more movies, shows, events, etc reviews to come...

There is a rally@Msia KL City today & this is the only day I was so free to be at home, clean the room, and sit in front of my lappie to blog :) I guess only this few days our policemen are superly busy in their life

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Treasure Inn Movie Review

Went to watch Treasure Inn with my sis on 26th June right after I came down from Genting after an event. Myself kinda tiring and directly went to Times Square with my luggage...Of cos a movie with Nic & Phil shouldn't been missed out...

GSC http://www.gsc.com.my/Movie/MovieConte...Read more

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When to watched Justin Bieber movie - Never Say Never as what I promised to the kids at home...my little cousing can't stop singing his song "Baby...Baby...oh..." mostly every day...

We went to watched the 3D version and I always wonder, why there are so many gals love this little boy???perhaps he is Handsome, cute, & his voice is sweet...

His movie standee and poster was everywhere in Malaysia as he was here to have his concert at KL past few weeks ago... Read more

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Thanks my dear friend for this wonderful gift all the way from JPN...LUV ya...its a great album..

I'M  it....muachhhhhssss...

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Was teribbly traumatised with what had happened on last Wednesday 11th May. 24hours in fear when a stranger walked near me...

I missed my pendants so much..its really priceless to me..those meant a lot to me..A cross which I wore since I was baby as a gift from my parents and the key pendant was actually my 21st Bday gift given by daddy..both of it really meant alots to me...

Yet, I thanks to GOD that the cross did its last duty to protect me even till the end...Everyone told me that I am luckly enough that the man didn't hurt m...Read more

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BAD Memories- the SNATCHED THIEF @ Malaysia

SWaking up in the morning feeling like "OH GOSH...I don't feel well today...I had a terrible nose blocked and a special weird feeling in my heart..."...i was thinking, should I go to work with a cab??I have no energy to walk... I told my sis to leave the house first and doesn't need to wait for me today...

8.20am, I walk out from the apartment and depart to work as usual..using the usual walkway to the Monorail station.

As I was about few minutes to reached the station stairs, I r...Read more

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VIFC-Malaysia is raising funds to donate through World Vision Malaysia for the Japan Tsunami & Earthquake victims. We are calling for more Malaysian members to give your contribution to our beloved friends Nations that are recovering from the nature disasters. The funds as to date are increasing and hope to raise even more. If you are interested, kindly send in an email to vifc_msia@yahoo.comand we will provide you with the banking details.

Dateline: mid of April 2011 Read more

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Ken is Back

Ken have been MIA for quite some time and finally I saw him appear in newspaper & TV..thanks to Mich for tweeting...

I was so happy to seen him again..I thought he will stop from acting and even singing bt luckily its not the end for his journey yet..YES...i still get to see him..

miss him a lot...and the first thing i saw his picture and video was "OMG...he is back..he look cleaner, smarter and slimmer..this is great...Ken is back"

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Thanx 4 visiting Jessi's Paradise..Feel free to drop by anytime...CHEERS!!GOD BLESS "If you are FORTUNATE now, doesnt mean u will be fortunate forever..

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