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JessI Need Help.....~SHE'S NOT SORRY~

I need help...after consideration and discussions with my colleague, we planned to use SHE'S NOT SORRY MV as apart of our game for Annual Dinner this year....haha...group dancing...see which group can dance the most exact with V...

so, I need help...Anyone gotSHE'S NOT SORRY MVclearer version...please upload and message me/or email me....mine one nt that clear....(maybe i watched too many time) cant get to search the link back le....please....please...who got please share with me...Thanks in advance.....Read more

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[VOTE]V for the host of MTV China

[VOTE]V for the host of MTV China

Dear all,

Please cast your vote for V as the host for MTV China...Thank you.


Special thanks to our dearest Michi@OnlyF4 for her info n updates... Read more

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Super-Popular Drama Full House Invites One of the Members of F4 To Participate In Sequel

have been missing from AnD and other forum for about a week+++....after the PD gathering with my xclassmates, caught with flu n cough, so I have been a good girl for about a week, slept early at 9/10pm...but here I come...Jessi is bekkkkk...update u guys with this news....

Date: October 26, 2008 News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan, http://asianfanatics.net/forum/ Translation Credit: tammiest @ Read more

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No nights??17th Oct???

This is the rumor that has been spread on the Internet & SMS:

I don't know whether its true or not...haha...but I am excited cos on the 17th I will depart to Port Dickson...haha...having some small gathering with my friends...if there is no night, we will play all whole day....How about other places like Japan??but poor to those American countries, means they dun have day time???wa, jst like the movie story, "30days of Nites"...

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~~~Meet Van Nessy and Jeremy, VanNess & Jerry twin brother~~~

Do you know that Vanness and Jerry do have twin brother???Look a like sumore See this....found this in one of the news report...

Left: Zai, Ken, Van Ness, Jerry Front: Van Nessy (sounds like Hennessy huh, Van Ness twin brother) , Jeremy(Jerry twin brother)...

So SUPPORT F6....They are invisible thats Y some of you cant see em....Seldom come out in public....Talented lo but their Brother better la.... Read more

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[NEWS]Taiwan Pop Stars Are Hot in Asia

[NEWS]Taiwan Pop Stars Are Hot in Asia

Taiwan Pop Stars Are Hot in Asia

Taiwan has overtaken Hong Kong as the capital of Asia’s pop culture, giving fans an endless array of pop stars backed by sleek packaging, kitsch and a smattering of talent.

Being a pop star these days means you have to be a singer, actor, product endorser, director. In short, you have to do everything and be everywhere from music billboards to TV and silver screens.

Taiwan stars fit this bill perfectly and one very go...Read more

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Read more

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tell the organisers~~~~

To those that unable to join the big family @ F4 Jp Concert Tour 2008,would you love to see F4 performances???

I think each of us are curious and wanted so much to see VANNESS with his Mirror Dance (even though the two guy might look similar, but one with clean n short image, one with goatee and kinda long hair..hahaha...if got such mirror on sale, better dun buy...keke),Vand the band ...KEN & V sang NEVER LET YOU GO n played guitar (gosh....this really kills me).... KEN with his tap dance ...ZAI as the flight captain-CU...Read more

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"Hitomo Wo Togite"

CREDIT: KYM @nbbbs.com

if not mistaken according to Mich report, the title is "Hitomo Wo Togite" so gals, can memorise le.. http://www.mojim.com/htmt/0/0977-13.htm


作詞:平井堅 作曲:平井堅 編曲:亀田誠治

朝目覚める度に 君の抜け殻が横にいる

ぬくもりを感じた いつもの背中が冷たい

苦笑いをやめて 重いカーテンを開けよう

眩しすぎる朝日 僕と毎日の追いかけっこだ

あの日 見せた泣き顔 涙照らす夕陽 肩のぬくもり

消し去ろうと願う度に 心が 體が 君を覚えている

Your love forever

瞳をとじて 君を描くよ それだけでい...Read more

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omg...so many flower stands and all are arranged nicely...I M PROUD TO HAVE IDOLS like you guys...i mean F4...haha...

P/S: anyway...Read more

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Thanx 4 visiting Jessi's Paradise..Feel free to drop by anytime...CHEERS!!GOD BLESS "If you are FORTUNATE now, doesnt mean u will be fortunate forever..

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