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I guess I will back to my blogging days starting from today onwards as expressing my thoughts and feelings in writing on my this LIfE OPEN DIARY seems to be much more better than expressing to human. Human will endup commenting I am harsh, emotional n etc... 

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LOVE? 70V3? 3V07?

LOVE? What is love? The meaning is too broad but I guess everyone knows it... Well, everyone asked and told me  it's time for you to find your d oth half or mr right. When you found one, you'll keep wondering, does HE suits me?I am a type of girl that with a strong personality so I am wondering does a guy with a strong personality really suits me...  It's either I changed or He changed? else we will always endup with quarrels but we're born with this personality, so changing it is ...Read more

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He speaks whats in my MIND!

"I am EMOTIONAL back cos GOD made me emotional. God Himself is full of emotions. Thus, I am a sensitive man. It's ok to say we are!" ~by Pastor Johnny~

Came across this at Pastor Johnny (or I used to call him as PJ) FB wall.

101% agree with his statement. 

Someone always said I am Emotional.... Yes, indeed I am but as I said before, "This is me." I will tried to minimize whatever that is not good but not changing it all.   If your family me...Read more

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GoodBYE 2013! HI 2014....

Been quite sometime I didn't blog... It's bcos after a long tired working days, I just don't feel like facing the computer anymore. 

It's the last day of 2013! 

Happy Birthday to me! 

Y2013 finally comes to the end. I have not been as happier as this before to start a brand New Year... 2013, you've been a tou...Read more

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Happy Birthday to me! Thank you... (Part1)

Roses in a gift box.This blur gal thought it was for deco purposes only. Well, actually thr is a hidden meaning. As blur as usual... 10 roses= 10 yearsof knowing each other.Dec Y2003---Dec Y2013..Time flies...I never even realised it..May many years to come.   ThankS for being so thoughtful, detailed and its kind of touching too.  Read more

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Stand to win GUESS handbag now!!

Stand to win GUESS handbag now!!'G' is now my fav letter because it could help me win a RM500 GUESS handbag! #GUESSMYBAGCLICK HERE for more info regarding this contest 

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Acer P3 Ultrabook - Inspired by Intel.

Can't decide between a tablet or notebook? Acer P3 Ultrabook is perfect! Ultrabook™. Inspired by Intel. #MyAcerTouch  CLICKHEREfor more info 

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TRUEFITNESS JAYA 33 - Unattended Criminal Case at gym locker room

To all readers, the below incident is a true real story happened at a fitness center in Malaysia which is known as"TRUE FITNESS"located atJaya 33, Petaling Jaya.At the same time if you were at the mentioned fitness center & saw someone suspicious on that day, please feel free to drop a comment here or PM me.Thanks a millionorIf you or your friends had experienced the same incidents (as stated below -  stolen items in locker room or other cases due to their negligence of security...Read more

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A grief of a dissapointed Msia civilian (Reason y you shud vote for Sivarasa,Nasir, Fuziah)

I know nothing about politics and I only believe what I see with my own eyes. I would like to share a story of what I encountered in my life and you think about it, who you would like to cast on 5/5/2013. Remember each of your vote is important!!!On 2011, my late uncle (a veteran lifetime MCA member) fall sick & unbelieveable, DR. Nasir came to our house & hospitalto gave him acupuncture without caring more about "hey we are from different political party...Read more

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2008 - 2012 Contributions of ADUN KOTA DAMANSARA (PKR), DR NASIR to the society!!!

Who said Nasir anti Muslim/Islam???? Rumors will always be spreading around when you're some one successful and ppl created rumors based on their jealousy....   So its proven that Dr. Nasir really did a great job during his 5 years service as Kota Damansara ADUN.Besides, contributing to old folks home, orphanage and needy ppl, DR NASIR contributed what is needed by the Muslim folks as well. Well, let's see, if someone anti Mu...Read more

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Thanx 4 visiting Jessi's Paradise..Feel free to drop by anytime...CHEERS!!GOD BLESS "If you are FORTUNATE now, doesnt mean u will be fortunate forever..

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