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TRUEFITNESS JAYA 33 - Unattended Criminal Case at gym locker room

To all readers, the below incident is a true real story happened at a fitness center in Malaysia which is known as"TRUE FITNESS"located atJaya 33, Petaling Jaya.At the same time if you were at the mentioned fitness center & saw someone suspicious on that day, please feel free to drop a comment here or PM me.Thanks a millionorIf you or your friends had experienced the same incidents (as stated below -  stolen items in locker room or other cases due to their negligence of security measurement)before, feel free to PM me as we are gathering as much victims as possible to take a legal action towards the fitness center management. Thanks a millionTo the dear Culprit that stolen his items, if you read this &if you are kind enough, it will be great if you could return back his external hard disk. You may message me here.  

Think about your future, KARMA do happen. GOD is watching every of your action.Date of incident: 12 June 2013, 9:30pmIncident location: True Fitness (JAYA 33 Branch)(The below statement was posted by the victim himself as he would like to voice this out for the attention of all gym goers out there and for your future safety. Think twice before you sign) "Dear True Fitness members of Jaya 33 branch, I really need your help!!! There was a terrible incident happened this evening and I'd like to voice out for your further attention and future safety. FYI, I went to gym alone by Wednesday (12.6.13) around 8.30pm after work.

The 1st thing I did was to open the locker of #270 and kept my black colour sling beg with latest Asus S700 laptop (RMX,XXX) and external hard disc with 6 years of very important working data in it; my RMXXX Esprit watch and RMX,XXX Ferragamo wallet with approximately <RM200 cash and all the documents such as IC, driving licence, Touch & Go, True Fitness Platinum Card, Merchant Loyalty Cards, Maybank/Ambank credit cards + ATM cards in it; and a green colour water-resistant gym-cum-boxing-look-beg with my clothes in it, and locked up with a proper padlock while reconfirming it was properly locked before I went to work out.

However, when I was done and going to take my bath around 9.45pm... I noticed my padlock was gone and everything in my locker (no. 270) was empty (stolen). I was shocked till the max and requested the Operation Team to investigate on this particular issue. However, the Operation Supervisor kept on ignoring me and refused to give me the higher-authority-person-in-charge's contact and insisted that it is not their practise to give away name card of their Manager! #%^& And, I've been given a name card of an "Operation Executive" that claimed to be the person who can make the "decision" of that particular branch and I was asked to leave the compound because they'll be doing clearance at 12am -- ONLY staff are allowed to stay back. I was not allowed to view the CCTV until Thursday morning as told. Fortunately, I still have my car key with me or else I'd need to walk back from Jaya 33 to my home!

Then, I've no choice but gotta go to the nearest police station to make a report. Surprisingly, the policewoman told me that there were so many similar cases happened at True Fitness of Jaya 33!!! She asked me to insist on the overall compensations and to file a legal case on True Fitness. The policemen will do their job of course (hopefully), but seems True Fitness claimed that they do not have CCTV at the locker area, it is very "difficult" to do "something" according to the Operation Supervisor (bravo)?!

Trying to Google about this issue and I was even more angry that all these incidents were SUSPECTED to be done by their insiders (same story being told by the policewomen). If so many cases happened before, why didn't True Fitness taking any drastic actions to make sure the members' safety?

I am so exhausted because my wallet was stolen like 2 months ago... I know, it is very unfortunate, bad luck or call it anything you want... I just need you to pass this message to the rest. And, please if you happen to witness someone stealing or "accidentally taken" my stuff at locker (no. 270), please share the information with me... I just need my external hard disc back because I can't work or live without it. My life is depending on it. God bless those good-hearted-people...

Can you believe the above incidents + several similar incidents happened at such a nice yet cozy gym center @ MALAYSIA True Fitness Country Operations Manager (Malaysia)-- Nick Kraal, said that only losses above RM100k, this case can only bring to the Regional attention; otherwise, the victim is not allowed to speak to any higher authority personnel from Singapore (Regional Head or Group CEO -- Mr. Wee).The question is here, 1) who will be bringing RM100k worth of items to a fitness center & 2) the management of TRUE FITNESS is trying to run away for being responsible of what that had happened in their gym which was suspected done by their own staff. http://www.chinapress.com.my/node/431454#.Ub3Vb6xBsEU.facebook 

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