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The long awaited movie, Saving General Yang is finally  shown Worldwide on 4.4.2013. A movie based on Chinese history starred by handsome, tall & famous actors - Adam Cheng (General Yang), E-Kin Cheng (Da Lang), Yu Bo (Er Lang), Vic CHou/Zai Zai ( San Lang), Li Chen (4 Lang), Raymond Lam Fung (5 Lang), Wu Chun (6 Lang) and finally Xin Bo (7 Lang). This movie was directed by Ronny Yu and produced by Raymond Wong (happy ghost).Watched the gala premiere of the movie on 31/3/2013 after the artists appearance (I will share more story about this soon). And sis & I watched again for the 2nd time on last sunday. Definately 2nd time watching is better. More clearer and better understanding cos mayb the first time we are too exhausted. Well my main focus of cos is my ALL TIME IDOL - ZAI ZAI (San Lang, the archer in YANG CLAN). Definately, despite just few scripts in this movie, his acting skills has improved a lot. Glad to see this. Even though I watched it for 2nd time, the moment Zai die really gave me a big shocked. And I was touched to see how Brotherly love among the brothers develop and their love to the father. E-kin Cheng, really able to carry the character as the big bro very well. This was indeed a very touching and sad story. I hate the most the part whr Yu Bo and Ekin died. ooooo...that part was very heartache. Bring along tissues if you goin to watch this movie. This indeed a great movie yet it was very heartache + scary to see no other than blood and injury in the movie.  Looking forward for the modern general yang movie as promised by the producer and director. Haha...

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