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reviews on CHU LIU XIANG &.....

haha...after 1mth plus, finally finished watchingCHU LIU XIANG...not because its not bestbut just too long and it takes time for my brain to absorb whole story line cos as i mentioned before CHINA product no Eng/Malay Sub...fuuyoh..and feel so uncomfortable cos its nt Ken's voice...jst like a stupid gal...Now, started to MISS and THINKING of the story all day...wat is myREVIEW???Gud...a GREAT DRAMA...NO DOUBT THAT YOU WILL BE BORED WHEN YOU FIRST WATCH IT (EPI1-2) COS MAYBE ITS NT KEN OWN VOICE (hate that)...BUT YOU WILL GET FAMILIAR WITH IT SOON...KEN IS QUITE CHEEKY IN THIS DRAMA...THE STORY LINE GETS MORE INTERESTING AS YOU CONTINUE WATCHING IT...haha..u know wat...i was watching with sis for the first two epi than she left me watch it alone...BAD... she joined me again to watch it from epi 20+. then, she was the one that started making noise urge me to cont watched it day n nite till end ...cos the story line  became more exciting...my advice: GO & GET IT ONE...you will ENJOY it & MISS it... and guess...WAT did we bought yesterday...FINALLY, TOKYO TRIAL is available in store...NOT 1 bt a bunch...haha....a film that was banned in Msia cos of political issue, finally oout in Msia...even cant find the pirated one...haha...itsJUST RM16.90+10%dis for members...will write the review after I watch it ya(cos I need to rush my office work) ..its DVD but I hope it is KEN's real voice again...bt NO SUBTITLES...jst CHINESE subs...WHY KEN's drama/movie always without subtitles??nvm, better than neva...haha...but heard that there is subs for BATANES...COMIN UP nex - waiting for KUNGFU FIGHTER & LINGER in Msia.... P/S: try to put ur own initial/credit on every pics of F4/or any of your artworks even you posted in ur own blog cos jst find out recently that in friendster, some ppl took the pics that we posted n luckily that we did put our initial as usual on our previous pics...BUT the WORST n SAD thing is that person did took V  blog  pics n posted...shouldn't  the poster should credit HIM???that is stealing n I guess he/she trying to be as V with the wrong age..... dun think that is HIM...

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