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(Malaysia)Dr. Mohd. Nasir Hashim - N39 KOTA DAMANSARA (PKR- Parti Sosialis) definately a GOOD Leader with a GOLDEN HEART!! [Part2]

Someone that is good and responsible to the civilian/rakyat will not only come out when it is near to election day just to poll votes....

Dr. Mohd. Nasir Hashim, candidate for Kota Damansara, Parliament Subang under PKR (from Parti Sosialis)doesn't forget his duty and promise to the ppl that voted him 5 years ago!! You'll get to see him giving goods to old folks home, orphanage and needy community during the festival season AND spending his time with the civilians....This is what we known as Pemimpin Berjiwa Rakyat (A Leader with Civilian heart)!! 2012

2011 No one born to be a good leader but we can learn and improve ourself to be a GOOD LEADER.. This is what Dr. Nasir did. He spend his time chatting with former Labour party Adun in getting some advice...

Some photos of what Dr.Nasir and his team has been doing within this campaign moments~~ DR. NASIR and his team marching to the Nomination Centre

N39-Kota Damansara (PKR-Parti Sosialis)

If your DUN is fall underN39, Kota Damansara, now you'll know who to vote... 

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Check out my previous post on how this leader touches my heart~~


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