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BAD Memories- the SNATCHED THIEF @ Malaysia

SWaking up in the morning feeling like "OH GOSH...I don't feel well today...I had a terrible nose blocked and a special weird feeling in my heart..."...i was thinking, should I go to work with a cab??I have no energy to walk... I told my sis to leave the house first and doesn't need to wait for me today...

8.20am, I walk out from the apartment and depart to work as usual..using the usual walkway to the Monorail station.

As I was about few minutes to reached the station stairs, I realised there was this Indian guy wondering around about few steps in front of me...I thought he was the rubbish man from the rubbish lorry-Alam Flora cos the color of the t-shirt he was wearing looked exactly the same..

As soon as I gonna walked pass by him, he came in front of me and directly hold at my two gold pendants - a cross & key..."Damn it..I was in trouble" ...that was the words that  run in my mind that moment.

Without thinking further, my right hand grab the necklace at my neck, thought of to safe the whole thing from being snatched. And my left hand trying to grab his face...yet, he was too tall and my hand was too short to grabbed him back...This Indian guy was too strong..and then, he pushed me and I fall on the street. I looked at my hand and realised that I was grabbing my gold necklace however, they managed to took two of my gold pendants which really meaningful to me in my life... 

Quickly I stand up and run towards him and here I felt dizzy...I cant take it anymore, and going to faint and I saw he run towards a motorcycle which was waiting for him right behind the flat. An idian guy with red shirt and they speed off..I tried to chase them and yet I couldnt get to see their plat number. My eye sight getting blur and more blur..

I stopped and walk towards to the station to report it to the police. To my surprise, there are ppl who were walking behind and in front of me when the incident happened. GUess wat they did, they just stopped and looked at me..Like we were shooting for a movie...THAT IS WAT WE KNOWN AS MALAYSIAN...no one will come and help you... As I walked calmly to the police at the LRT station..My anger is totally burning..and not even a tears dropped from my eyes..As I was telling everything to the police, here I realised a piece of big glass fall from my beg...we suspected he used this glass to cut off the necklace. And again, i saw this two guy with their motorcycle wandering at the same place and I told the old police man..he went to chase them but they are speeding too fast...nothing we can do and I was advised to report it to the nearest police station...

I walked in fear to the nearest police station and was lucky enough for the 2nd time that I nearly get bang by a motorcycle at the busy jammed road.. Police advice me to proceed to the other Police Station to report my case however, I told them that I walked to this station just now and they are kind enough to send a police car to bring me to the other police station..I was being treated just like a VIP at the police station....

THE GLASS (in circle that being used to cut off my necklace) and it was handled to the police station as evidence now and my necklace was the only thing left with me.

The MALAYSIA POLICE are lousy...they can't do anything with it...They not even asked me to describe those man face, or even tried to ask me sketch how they look like. They jst asked me to go back and wait for the news...thats it...MALAYSIA is not a safe place at all...its have no difference with other 3rd WAR Country...

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