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A grief of a dissapointed Msia civilian (Reason y you shud vote for Sivarasa,Nasir, Fuziah)

I know nothing about politics and I only believe what I see with my own eyes. I would like to share a story of what I encountered in my life and you think about it, who you would like to cast on 5/5/2013. Remember each of your vote is important!!!On 2011, my late uncle (a veteran lifetime MCA member) fall sick & unbelieveable, DR. Nasir came to our house & hospitalto gave him acupuncture without caring more about "hey we are from different political party". But for him "Saving a life is more important".I have blogged about this before.Check it out athereWell, my uncle passed away peacefully on 15 Nov 2011!!A four days wake took place back in our hometown at Pahang. My  uncle was a Retired teacher, a coach for Msia Volleyball team, veteran lifetime MCA member, more associations. He was someone that was so active and well known in Sports industry and also MCA. Well, not to forget as a veteran lifetiME MCA member during each election, he will be busy campaigning for those candidates. While we were griefing back in K'tan, to our surprise, we did not received any visits from any Ktan MCA member. Well, we are not asking for any financial help as we don't need that but a last respect to the deceased and to the family membermeant everything. After he have done so many thing for the party, he don't even received a last respectfrom his fellow same party friends. Well, this is what we known as "KACANG LUPAKAN KULIT?" . Means those ppl forgets you after you've helped them. We've actually called to the respective branch or division to inform about this but no1 turnup!!!It seems like what he have done previously in his lifetime are not being appreciated at all!!!ARE THEY THAT BUSY???I don't think so...THEY NOT AWARE ABOUT IT??? I don't think so cos we advertise it on Obituary page - THE STAR and Chinese News paper. Guess what, to our surprise, we were visited by 3 people from PKR & Parti Sosialis all the way from KL to pay their last respect....They were Yb Sivarasa (MP PKR subang),Yb Nasir(Adun PSM Kota Damansara) from Selangor & YB Fuziah(MP PKR Kuantan).FYI, my late uncle was campaigning for MCA against Fuziah back in 2008. Yet, Fuziah is the one that came to pay her last respect to my late uncle whereas, the person that he was busy campaigning past years ago, batang hidung pun tak nampak!!!But we did received some individual member that came as individual but not representing MCA to pay their last respect. And yes, even worst not even a FLOWER wreath came by their end yet we did received Flower wreaths from Parti Sosialis (PKR) - Dr. Nasir & YB Sivarasa MP Subang.  

Some of the flowers wreath for LATE UNCLE and NONE of it from the party that I have been mentioning!! The flowers wreath was a lots till we need to get a lorry to bring it over to the grave yardIt's not about flowers/status/pride but every single thoughts is actually count. Ppl love to say " Kalau org tak datang tak apa, janji ada niat".....

Even YB Sivarasa secretary have the heart!!![](/attachments/2013/05/04/04/37783_201305040429531.thumb.jpg)I remembered my aunt and some of us did asked where is MCA ppl?? Yet, my cousins brothers which means the son of my LATE Uncle jst keep quiet!!! Here I get the answers now!! So, conclusion,this is how certain MCA Kuantan treated their lifetime members that sacrifice and workhard for them when they are alive. When you gone to other world, they will forget you forever and your efforts and hardworks when you're alive will not be appreaciated and be forgetten forever.I was not into political type of person and this year will be my first year of voting!!! But I was sad

to know this...afterall my late uncle was a helpful, outspoken, intelligent,educated, kind man and he will go all out and try his best to help ppl yet, he was being treated this!!! It's hurt for myself, my aunty & whole family members~~  And I get to know coincidently that the three oppositions leader that I met before was actually running as the candidates for our Malaysia GE13 this year!! P-083 PARLIMENT KUANTAN Fuziah Bin Salleh (PKR)P-107 PARLIMENT SUBANG R.SIVARASA (PKR)N-39  DUN KOTA DAMANSARA (PKR-PARTI SOSIALIS)This is what we known as PEMIMPIN RAKYAT YANG BERSAMA ANDA MAHUPUN ANDA HIDUP/MATI / THE LEADERS OF PPL NO MATTER YOU ARE ALIVE/DEAD. Not like some ppl that will only remember you when you alive but forget you when you no longer in need!!!SO, THINK PROPERLY WHEN YOU GONNA CAST YOUR VOTE THIS 5 MEI!!![](/attachments/2013/05/04/00/37783_201305040050261.thumb.jpg)If you are asking why I am so promoting Dr. Nasir &  Sivarasa? This is because I personally think they are really someone good and down to earth... They deserve your vote in order to continue help and serve for the community!!!I never knew that all these ppl that once I met in my life before was ever these big...I believe its all the creations of GOD that wanted to open up my eyes who are the GOOD and who are the BAD!!! THANKS GOD!!!  Check out my previous write up about Dr. Nasir where I think he deserve your votes. Click on below:BLOG 1 - DR.NASIR PEMIMPIN BERJIWA RAKYATBLOG 2 - DR NASIR CONTRIBUTION TO THE SOCIETYBLOG 3 - PAKATAN HARAPAN RAKYATBLOG 4 - INI KALILAH KOTA DAMANSARABLOG 5 - Contributions of ADUN KOTA DAMANSARA (PKR), DR NASIR to the society!!!

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