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Vote for Dr. Mohd. Nasir Hashim - N39 KOTA DAMANSARA (PKR- Parti Sosialis)

This is what we known as P emimpin Berjiwa Rakyat (A Leader with Civilian heart)!! He is Dr. Mohd. Nasir Hashim, candidate for Kota Damansara, Parliament Subang under PKR (from Parti Sosialis) doing acupuncture for my Uncle. 

Met him several times and I can says he is someone that is down to earth. The first time I saw him, I doesn’t know he was someone that is so well known & i tot he is a Tabib till my cousin told us about it.  My late uncle (a former veteran MCA member) suffer from Cancer 2.5 years ago and Dr Nasir came to our house and even go to hospital to give him acupuncture service on daily basis. After that, he will have a sit to chat with my uncle and aunty while having a cup of coffee… This is the leader we are looking for…. VOTE wisely!! PILIH & PANGKAH logo yang betul!!!  Pemimpin yang berjiwa rakyat ini hanya menggunakan motosikal dan daya tenaga sendiri untuk berkempen, sedangkan calon-calon lain berkempen menggunakan konvoi kereta-kereta besar hanya semata - mata nak menunjukkan status mereka. Seseorang yang begitu merendah diri patut lah diberikan penghormatan dan sokongan yang sewajarnya...

This leader just ride on a motorcycle all the way to go out there visiting the village, helpout the villagers and campaign, whereas, others candidates went out for campaign on a big big car just to show off his status. Someone that is so down to earth like him deserve respects and supports from all of us.  If your DUN is fall under N39, Kota Damansara, now you'll know who to vote... 

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P/S: I did not create any of this story myself but I am sharing with you my true LIFE EXPERIENCE encounter with this kind hearted man known as Dr. Nasir, N39 Candidates for Kota Damansara, Pakatan Rakyat.

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Yes... he is really down to earth... he offer his helps not only during election period... but during his service period... not like others, only "turn padang" / visit the people during election period...
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Thanx 4 visiting Jessi's Paradise..Feel free to drop by anytime...CHEERS!!GOD BLESS "If you are FORTUNATE now, doesnt mean u will be fortunate forever..

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