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2008 - 2012 Contributions of ADUN KOTA DAMANSARA (PKR), DR NASIR to the society!!!

Who said Nasir anti Muslim/Islam???? Rumors will always be spreading around when you're some one successful and ppl created rumors based on their jealousy....   So its proven that Dr. Nasir really did a great job during his 5 years service as Kota Damansara ADUN.Besides, contributing to old folks home, orphanage and needy ppl, DR NASIR contributed what is needed by the Muslim folks as well. Well, let's see, if someone anti Muslim, he'll not be donating a total aboutRM258,000between  Y2008 to 2012. Not a small amount right?? Yes, the amount is not small.  You don't believe it??? Have a look at below images:-  Check-out the below photo which was taken yesterday.Even PAS General Sec came to affirm that Nasir is the official candidate in KOTA DAMANSARA!![](/attachments/2013/05/03/23/37783_201305032316011.thumb.jpg)Check out my previous write up about Dr. Nasir where I think he deserve your votes. Click on below:BLOG 1 - DR.NASIR PEMIMPIN BERJIWA RAKYATBLOG 2 - DR NASIR CONTRIBUTION TO THE SOCIETYBLOG 3 - PAKATAN HARAPAN RAKYATBLOG 4 - INI KALILAH KOTA DAMANSARAYour VOTE is important to make a change!!!

Set up your mind now to vote for the official candidates of Pakatan Rakyat 


P107 - PARLIMENT SUBANG - R.SIVARASA (PKR) Remember the flag~~~ Don't cross wrongly

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