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27 Sept 2014  

Daddy was in town for a followup check-up and Sis & I thought of bringing him to have some yummilicious food in town… So, here comes the conversation between DAD & SIS…  

SIS: Dad, do you wanna taste chickens that tasted much better than KFC?
DAD: What? Better than KFC? You must be kidding me… ( and he smile…)
ME: Really… its tasted much better than KFC.. its Korean Fried Chickens… yum…
SIS: You don’t believe us… Let’s go tomorrow… Haha… so guess what… we brought him to our FAVOURITE place- KyoChon 1991 AT 1 UTAMA … This is the first KYOCHON Outlet in Malaysia…

I fall in love with it the first time I came months ago.. This was my 3rd visits to this outlet and 4th time eating the chickens here… SUPERB LOVE IT!

We were welcome by the standee of handsome Ambassador of KYOCHON, LEE MIN HO ssi at the entrance…

We sat down and sis introduce the food to DAD and ordered it... Since its lunch time, so we ordered the lunch set with few choices of chickens to share among three of us... The lunch set comes with Soup+Rice/Garlic Rice(add RM1-3)+Chicken of your choice starting from RM17.90++ (for Small size)...
(refer below pix)

**Sal Sal Strip comes with mustard sauce

**Cubed White Radish Pickled as the starter...

ORIGINAL SOY WING from RM9.90 (ala carte price)

Daddy love this flavour very much and yeah, he agree that its yummy !!! haha…

HONEY flavour WING…. This is definitely my sis & my fave….

I waited about more than 30min for them to serve my set of RICE+SOUP and this chicken for me… The first time I face such a delay of my food delivery at KyoChon which make me a bit upsad about it… Yeah, KL Pavillion is opening new outlet soon so, I will not bother to come to this outlet anymore… haha…

Well, if you are the SPICY /CHILLIES lover… you should order the SPICY Chickens which really can make you on fire… well to those that can’t eat SPICY food, it gonna make you sweat & cry.. so don’t try it.. haha…

Now DADDY have another story to share with his fella uncle friends when he is back to hometown… The Korean Fried Chickens that tasted much better than KFC and definitely the price is much more costly than KFC.. our total bill for 3 pax cost us RM80.85…

I guess we only get to enjoy it more for this year before the start of GST implementation @ Malaysia next year…

When you take away, here is how the packaging gonna look like… definitely a BIG YEAH for LEE MIN HO fans out there… and guess what, when you pay for the bill, you’ll get LMH poster… MINOZ definitely love it… More outlets to come for KYO CHON in Malaysia & KL… I am definitely looking forward for the Pavillion KL outlet which is much more nearer to me…


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I HATE People that PLAGIARISE My Ideas/Works/Artworks


I am a girl that hate the most when people steal my ideas/artworks/works and pretend it to be theirs... 

In other word, I hate people that plagiarise my ideas/works/artworks and make it as theirs by changing it to their name... or we known it as COPY CAT

Since I was at a very young age, my primary school teacher taught me not to be copy cat... Everyone have different mind, idea and your very own way of presenting your own ideas/thoughts in your own words and why you need to **PLAGIARISE people things and make it as your own?? People need to crack their mind to come out with something but copy cat people only copy & paste ... This is how we define PLAGIARISM ... 

I don't mind sharing but don't make it the whole thing as like from you by just copy & paste ... If you plagiarise someone things, you are just as same as a THEFT..

Experience the same things twice in a week really pissing me off... Out of my limit... If can, I just wish to shout and scold but I am trying to hold everything back...

Even when I took some pic from any website, I will always state the source of it... 

A very close friend told me, use the other way round to think about it... Only ppl that not capable will use plagiarise others ppl's works/ideas/artworks... So, I am the victim, so I should be proud of myself... Yea, this is true also but still I AM SUPER PISSED OFF!!  

_ If you doesn't know what is Plagiarism & Plagiarise means, here is the meaning from Wikipedia: _

PLAGIARISM - the "wrongful appropriation" and "stealing and publication" of another  author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and the representation of them as one's own  original work.

fr The Free Dictionary

PLAGIARISE -   "take without referencing from someone else's writing or speech; of intellectual property"

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LG POCKET PHOTO purchased at is faulty

I was so delighted that finally I able to get on hand with my pinkie LG POCKET PHOTO after 3 weeks I purchased from I have been searching it everywhere in Malaysia for the pink color as Malaysia only sell the silver color. I received it on 14 April and sadly to say that I unable to pair my phone with the device (LG POCKET PHOTO) sad & disappointed!! I thought I can print all the photos that I already edited using the apps immediately but disappointment leads to another disappointment. 

This will be the first and last time I gonna purchase products from this website. I surely will never buy anything fr this website ever again!

Their customer service is sucks and they even instructed me not to send an email to them but go to their website to use their function to sent an email!!!

Well, sending an email is much more easier than going to their website clicking here & there!!!  plus its their webbie is not user friendly...

Watch the video to proof that I really unable to pair it! I need your views...please help me to view it...



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I have a habit of going to my FB page as the first thing I did when I wokeup from sleep... On Saturday, 8:10am, I was shocked when I saw this news posted by Malaysia Airlines FB page... " MEDIA STATEMENT released at 7.24am/8 Mar 2014 MH370 IncidentSepang, 8 March 2014: Malaysia Airlines confirms that flight MH370 has lost contact with Subang Air Traffic Control at 2.40am, today (8 March 2014).Flight MH370, operated on the B777-200 aircraft, departed Kuala Lumpur at 12.41am on 8 March 2014. MH370 was expected to land in Beijing at 6.30am the same day. The flight was carrying a total number of 227 passengers (including 2 infants), 12 crew members.Malaysia Airlines is currently working with the authorities who have activated their Search and Rescue team to locate the aircraft. The airline will provide regular updates on the situation. Meanwhile, the public may contact +603 7884 1234 for further info."It is so unbelievable... Malaysia Airlines or we known as MAS, is a very trusted Airline with very minimal case of crash/similar case to happen... Lots of speculations we received... we sat in front of the TV in this two days to get the latest updates as the whole nations and world are worried about the passengers and crews of MH370 whereabouts...I kept on refreshing my FB page when I was at outside... Seconds pass...Minutes...Hours...even DAYS ...... but no answers about it....A fren asked my opinion about this... I told her perhaps the plane lost coverage and landed somewhere in the jungle and they do not have any signals to get SOS.... I think this is better than believing the plane crash into sea where we know the survivors rate is minimal... I know its sounds innocent but I still hope for the best... We still hope MH370 will somehow appear at KLIA out of sudden.. Who knows MIRACLE could happen??I have few FB frens whom their frens/relatives boarded the same mentioned plane.. I can't stop my tears flowing fr my eyes as I saw the family members footage from TV news.. I can feel their pain & sorrow... We can't help much but what we can do is to con't praying and hope all of them can return safely... Let's pray for the best!! We actually thought of visiting Beijing this year and cos of this case, mom called us and said she doesn't wanna take flight anymore...She did refused to take flight but fright was minimal last time and since this happened, she bcame more frightened.... 

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I guess I will back to my blogging days starting from today onwards as expressing my thoughts and feelings in writing on my this LIfE OPEN DIARY seems to be much more better than expressing to human. Human will endup commenting I am harsh, emotional n etc... 

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LOVE? 70V3? 3V07?

LOVE? What is love? The meaning is too broad but I guess everyone knows it... Well, everyone asked and told me  it's time for you to find your d oth half or mr right. When you found one, you'll keep wondering, does HE suits me?I am a type of girl that with a strong personality so I am wondering does a guy with a strong personality really suits me...  It's either I changed or He changed? else we will always endup with quarrels but we're born with this personality, so changing it is not easy... 

It's just like the +ve side of the magnet met another +ve side of it... So it will not stick together... Perhaps someday I will meet the -ve side of the magnet...Yet, I always salute to guys that have the guts to express their feelings towards gals... That is how a man should behave. Be brave and Be frank to your feeling... It doesn't matter how you look like and it does't matter what is the outcome, feeling is the most important. Don't be someone coward as I hate guys that kept giving hints to gal yet they do not have the guts/courage to express their feeling. Act as an adult. So guys, be true to your feeling and tell your feeling to the gal that you like before its too late. Life is short anyway, we doesn't know what will happened the next day. It's better to appreciate the ppl around you. God make you as a man for a reason... 

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He speaks whats in my MIND!

"I am EMOTIONAL back cos GOD made me emotional. God Himself is full of emotions. Thus, I am a sensitive man. It's ok to say we are!" ~by Pastor Johnny~

Came across this at Pastor Johnny (or I used to call him as PJ) FB wall.

101% agree with his statement. 

Someone always said I am Emotional.... Yes, indeed I am but as I said before, "This is me." I will tried to minimize whatever that is not good but not changing it all.   If your family members can accept you as the way how you behave so do your friends and the person you love. 

A friend that wearing a mask to communicate indeed is not a true fren of yours. 

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GoodBYE 2013! HI 2014....

Been quite sometime I didn't blog... It's bcos after a long tired working days, I just don't feel like facing the computer anymore. 

It's the last day of 2013! 

Happy Birthday to me! 

Y2013 finally comes to the end. I have not been as happier as this before to start a brand New Year... 2013, you've been a tough year for me + families... Thanks GOD for all the blessings and Thanks to all the angels around me for their supports and encouragements. From a gal with fragile heart, I grow to be even stronger gal to go through all the tough days in 2013!  Yet before 2013 comes to the end, with tight timeline finally I achieved something big in life before I turn to 30 in few more years. This achievement means more commitments in life ( also means I can't simply go for shopping anymore  ) .But, nvm. I still happy with it... Thanks to all the lovely angels send by God to give us a lending hand... All the advises, reminders and for helping me running here & thr to get things done on time. Without y'all I wouldn't have done it on time. 

Y2013 u seems to be the most remarkable year in my life with all the ups and down you gave me. My life have been like a roller coaster bcos of u throughout the year but I will not hate you. 

Yeah, Y2014 is coming and many plans on schedule ahead! 

Please be good to me and more $ to come for a better plan in Y2015! 

Importantly a good health for everyone. Happy New Year!!!

A birthday gal get to make 3Bday wishes + 1 New Year wish = 4 wishes...haha..watever wishes, it's still the same cos I never get my Bday + New Year wishes comes true all this while. ## 

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Happy Birthday to me! Thank you... (Part1)

Roses in a gift box.This blur gal thought it was for deco purposes only. Well, actually thr is a hidden meaning. As blur as usual... 10 roses= 10 yearsof knowing each other.Dec Y2003---Dec Y2013..Time flies...I never even realised it..May many years to come.   ThankS for being so thoughtful, detailed and its kind of touching too.  10 years of friendship , is not long yet not short but I guess it needs lots of patience to deal with a fren like me and its really needs a lots of patience dealing with a friend like you which is the egoism level is quite high sometimes. Years back then are even much more better than now where now we oftenly endup with more arguments....No matter what, I believe we still cherish each other. No fight, No gain.. Thank you for being so tolerate with this EMO gal (Especially-Memorable-Orang) all the time. 2014 is here and perhaps, this EMO gal will be less EMO anymore. You are always the best just a bit MPH sometimes..haha...  Thank you for the great & lovely Birthday present that is so useful to me...haha...I remember you once told me that the brush is too hard and it will hurt my I know, that is the excuse to avoid me from buying it... BAD!!

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Stand to win GUESS handbag now!!

Stand to win GUESS handbag now!!'G' is now my fav letter because it could help me win a RM500 GUESS handbag! #GUESSMYBAGCLICK HERE for more info regarding this contest 

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