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Jewellery and Watch

 I become a Marketing Clerk in a jewellery and watch company.

^^ I am rewarded with the chance to see Marsha,,, after working in the company for a week.

I would try hard~ keep going~!

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 I've not update for a long time. I encountered lots of change.

October seems very long for me. I hope for a brand new start every months.

I work as a medical sales for a month, then I become OL in a jewellery workshop.

It is quite stressful for me to face these changes.~

This is my uncertain way of life.

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I am so tired now,,, I spend an hour travelling to my working place ~.~

Than ~ I would go to the hospitals to do business with the nurse and doctors.


Once I wanna to work with some jobs related to art and creative,

now I am a sales selling medical equipment to hospitals.

I cannot explain why I am feeling lost.

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It seems~~~

It seems that I've got a job before a volunteer trip to China.

~and the job is ~~sales representative,,, of medical products,,,

which I have ever though about...

Well~ great!

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Job seeking

 I takes me so long to wait and seek a job!!

Oh my God,,, I will die of suffering too much pressure to be unemployed.

Recently, I changed my strategy to send as much CVs as possible in order to get a seat for an interview. I don't care about the working place anymore. Though it takes about 2 hours to travel to the airport, I gonna get a job in there... At the same time, I don't care about my Marketing dream,,,

It's nearly hopeless to get a place for a fresh graduate !...Read more

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I caught cold~~however, I went to City Plaza to see the X-game performance,,,,

Wow~~It's so great to see the World Class X-game performance,,

And I had a good chance to see Trevor Ward,,,Dominic Shane,,,Yost,,,and shake hand with Tim the BMX player,,,

I felt very dizzy after the 30mins exciting show,,,I scream alot,,,Fantastics,,,!

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Live a life~

I am thinking about what my friend said~~

"Do gene matter for us to live our life?"

I haven't been taught about this in Biology class,,,

Oh,,, I cannot help suffering "autumn sickness~~"....Help,,,

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Antonio Vivaldi~~Summer

I try very hard to work out ~~ Summer~especially Mvt 1 and Mvt 3,,,

I thought it's going quite good before I found out this one,,,



I should practise harder,,,

At the same time, I'm practising Mvt.3 which is 10 times more difficult than Mvt.1~

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-7GXPDVSW...Read more

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I need consultation~

I could not bear the impact of meeting old secondary school friends.

They always give me some unbelivable news...

why do the girls preganent~ before marriage~,,,~

No matter how good she does in her academics~

I graduated from a really poor secondary school with a very high rate of preganency before marriage.

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 This is the hottest summer that I ever had ~~!!

It is tooooooooo hot that my computer was burnt...

It's discovered that the CPU was overheated

~not as what I though the computer was infected by virus.

The Earth seems tooo dangerous for living ~.~

I feel guilty for the global warming.

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