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Our Cat Has Gone Missing! :-(

Our family cat's name is Guchi (aka Gucci)... my younger sister calls him Guchi, 'cos she doesn't want him to be a "branded goods" cat... but the rest of us call him Gucci, 'cos we agree that he is grand enough to deserve a "branded goods" name... this good-natured but pampered cat will not eat anything but Fancy Feast, and he will only gobble up one flavour of Fancy Feast, Chicken and Liver flavour.

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Did someone lose this dude??

Yipes!!! Someone call the pest-busters quick! There's an alien in my backyard!!!

OK, OK, OK, before anyone starts calling 911 or anything like that...... R-E-L-A-X...... it's just one of my Movie Mania pals in the Movie Mania backyard showing o...Read more

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Listen To Your Heart

Have you ever had a day that went all wrong, but at the end of it all, somehow you know that maybe it turned out alright after all?

Today is one of those days for me. Did it drop on me from out of the blue? Actually no, it was more like an accident that was just waiting, waiting, biding it's time, waiting for the right time to happen. And the right time was today.

I'm a music lover. I have been a music lover ever since the day my parents brought me home from the hospital as a little baby, and the first thing my Da...Read more

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Jahan's Artwork, Cylon Centurion, Batman & The Joker

Hi guys,

OK, my bad for not adding even a single blog entry here, even though I've already joined for more than 2 months... have been busy with that thing called REAL LIFE!

Anyways, just wanted to add this interesting pic that was taken by my friends at Movie Mania, when one of them decided to dress up in ...Read more

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If you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wanders... It is OK if you do not have all the answers, sometimes you just have

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