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Re-visiting My Musical Roots

Being a part of the Alive Not Dead has got me seriously thinking about going back to my musical roots... on Wednesday (13 Aug), I decided to re-visit my old music school... Yamaha.

Yamaha Music School has branches all over Singapore, including one in my neighbourhood at Marine Parade. When I was 5 years old, my grandma wanted my parents to give me music lessons, so they did. I was enrolled in the Junior Music Course (JMC) at the Yamaha Music School in Marine Parade, and my parents used to attend class with me, mainly my D...Read more

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Let's Just Begin

I wrote this some time ago... coincidentally, I wrote these words on 20 Jun, John Taylor's birthday... wonder if someone can write some music to go along with these words? I know that when I read these words, a tune forms in my head, so I'm just wondering if it's all just in my head, or if someone else also hears the same song? So hmmm, anyone wanna give this a go?


LET'S JUST BEGIN (Words by Jeanette Chin)

**Trapped, like a bird inside a cage

Trying so hard to engage,

...Read more
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Dedicated to the Daydreamer

Just wrote this minutes ago... Van Ness Wu's new book is supposed to be released today, so this one is just for the Daydreamer himself......



**Big town boy livin' in a small town world

Big dreams kid, be careful, they might make you swirl

Big voice talkin' on a deadend telephone wire

People they all turn to you, but hey boy, you're on fire

So you dance, you draw, just to hide away

To say what you could not say

And ...Read more

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Hate It When U Cry... A Girl's Reply

I couldn't sleep, so I decided to just finish what I started, and write the reply to "Hate It When I Cry", which was originally written by Terry Tye Lee and sung by Andy On right here at AnD... I think this reply is more well-written than the one I did for "One Minute" and I like it better... but what do you think??




(to be sung to the tune written by Terry Tye Lee for "Hate It When I Cry") prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microso...Read more

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Another Minute... Replying to Andy's "One Minute"

I got inspired listening to the 2 songs that Terry Tye Lee wrote for Andy On to sing, so I decided to write a reply to the songs, from the girl's point of view... the lyrics below are meant to be sung using the same music for the song "One Minute"... I'm still working on my reply to "Hate It When I Cry", but you can enjoy my reply to "One Minute" first...



(my reply to Andy On's "One Minute", originally w...Read more

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Undecided & Thinking Hard

I was supposed to be writing a review on Duran Duran tonite, but I just couldn't, 'cos I have other more important things on my mind right now.

I'm at a career crossroads right now... I have a few different choices to choose from, and I'm undecided as to which path to take.

One of the paths involves me pursuing my dreams of working in a place that will allow me to tap on my more creative side, either in music or writing or both. Do something that I'm truly passionate about.

Another pat...Read more

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SingFest, 2-3 Aug 2008

Wish I had gone to SingFest '08... but family comes first... my sis was having her future in-laws come over to our place to discuss wedding plans and so on... so yeah, that was definitely more important than SingFest.

Actually, my sis and I both really wanted to go for SingFest, 'cos the line-up was pretty awesome!

The title of the festival guide really says it all... O.M.F.G. (or Official Music Festival Guide)... I kid you not!

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Sniffles and Shopping Spree

Just when I thought I was in recovery mode, I get hit with the sniffles, and for some reason, I've been sneezing all day... dunno if it's just something in the air or if I might be coming down with something else... sheesh.

In any case, I went on a shopping spree this weekend, and picked up some DVDs and CDs... among the CDs, I finally got the "Mars" soundtrack (which had songs sung by Vic Chou and Barbie Hsu, among others), David Tao's "Beautiful" album and Wang Lee Hom's "Heroes O...Read more

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Life Is A Roller Coaster Ride

Life is a roller coaster ride.

For every down, there is an up.

Today was an up day for me.

I met a rather interesting person.

He made me smile.

I was kinda wishing to meet an ABC, but I guess someone up there has a sense of humour, either that or I just wasn't specific enough. He's an ABC alright... but it's not what you might think... in this case, it stands for Australian Born Chinese... giggles

Have been ill the ...Read more

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Re-Visiting My Darker Side

Human beings are multi-faceted creatures, are we not? We all like to see ourselves in a good light most of the time... but then, there's always this darker side of ourselves that lurks beneath the surface, and if we don't take control of it, it can control us and overcome us.

Lately, I've been re-visiting and re-exploring my darker side... I'm not sure why just yet, but it's just been happening... I've been enjoying watching movies like Underworld, Underworld Evolution, and Sweeney Todd... I've b...Read more

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